1-to-1 Leadership Coaching

Assisting leaders with a reflective space to make sense of their personal change journey.

Individual coaching mentoring

6-month programme to establish the space for reflection and develop Digital Leadership skills. 

  • Entry session to review your objectives

  • Lumina Spark portrait for awareness of qualities & strengths + debrief

  • Programme for personal development 

  • 90 min coaching sessions + check-in between sessions

  • Adhoc access for questions

  • 3-month review / 6-month refresh


Sample coaching agendas:

  • From traditional to Digital leader

  • From engineer to team leader

  • Being comfortable with Ambiguity

  • Coaching stance in leadership / systemic leadership

  • Regaining time

  • Etc.

Lumina Spark Portrait

Session to explore qualities and strengths using a Lumina Spark profile. 

Individual session / Group sessions are possible to reflect on the collective strengths.


  • Completion of a Lumina Spark portrait

  • 90 min portrait walk-through and exploration

  • 30 min personal development plan

  • The portrait is included as standard with our individual coaching packages.

Open consultatioN

Leadership positions are a lonely place. If you feel like you would like to turn to someone as a sounding board, but there isn't this possibility around you, we offer you just this type of space. We help you make sense of the situation and provide perspectives for your critical decisions. 

  • Regular 30min / 1Hr calls

  • 3 to 6-month engagements on a retainer