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Flow and Agile Senior Coach (Associate)

Looking to develop our pool of talented coaches in support of emerging client opportunities

Flow and Agile Senior Coach (Associate)

Description of the role

As we develop our services and see momentum building with clients, we want to build relationships with more talented Flow / Agile coaches in the industry.

Our work is mainly in enterprise-level change and supporting start-ups making the right choices through their growth journey.

We engage at the level to make Flow, business agility and digital change happen, as in business and technology working together in an integrated way.

We generally take on where Agile and digital transformations have run out of steam or ideas. One executive at one of our clients said it better than we could say: "Wow, what you are doing here is what everybody is trying to do, but I have never seen it done before". Another scrum master that recently joined said: "It all makes sense, here we don't pretend to be Agile; you really push the goalpost".

We engage with all levels of an organisation:

  • We realign organisations in value streams, design transitions, and progressively adapt the operating model.

  • We coach teams, leadership and leadership teams through their journeys of change.

  • We facilitate organisations regaining headroom to improve themselves continually with the practice of Kaizen.

  • We help bring the idea of agility and Flow to the enterprise level with techniques of continuous planning.

  • We help distribute the strategy to facilitate coherence, alignment, emergence and team autonomy for much more resilient organisations.

  • We help build the skills and competencies that make the teams and the leadership of the future.

Our work stands for high levels of performance in digital business. With it comes the challenges and the opportunities to drive the meaningful change that is too often absent from transformation efforts.

Desired skills and competencies

For this type of work, we look for well-rounded associates that have gone beyond the mainstream Agile. Having nurtured Agile certifications is undoubtedly not enough. We look for opinionated people who look beyond credentials and imagine new possibilities and approaches.

We look for people that can bring diversity from broader horizons. Of course, it is beneficial that you have experience in digital business, but even that is not a must. We like people who have tried things; even better if you failed a few times and took the time to reflect.

We are looking for a solid theory with a pragmatic perspective from practical application experience in at least one of the following areas:

  • Knowledge of professional coaching competencies and a  practical experience in coaching individuals and/or teams in a business change context.

  • Understanding and exposure to the concepts of Flow and how they relate to Agile.

  • Ability to facilitate performance and help organisations regain headroom for continuous improvements.

  • Interest in Complexity Thinking, the work of the Cynefin Company and/or exposure to the strategy technique called Wardley Mapping.

  • Experience as a trainer, especially with the concepts of back-of-room training, and as a designer and facilitator of workshops.

  • Leadership of communities or guilds with a drive to develop people's knowledge of digital change or Agile.

We do not expect deep knowledge across all those areas; one area will suffice. And well, if you have something else different to offer and you believe that we should know, it is excellent too. We like diversity, and we believe in diversity as a business advantage. So, if you are passionate and feel like it is relevant, please do not let the above stop you, and do get in touch!

Additional information

At this stage, we would only look to work with Associates. 

Our engagements tend to be scope / service based and you need to have the confidence to work this way. We would facilitate it all for you. 

If interested, please get in touch:

Thanks for your application!

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