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Alignment of a leadership team

Challenge: A startup wanted to ensure smooth relationships in their leadership team through their growth. 

Solution: We ran a series of regular workshops exploring challenges and their relationship as a team.

Results: The team made space for necessary discussions and improved in skills and performance. Now ready for their next growth stage and the next stage of engagement with them.

Techniques: Systemic Coaching, Wardley Maps, Cynefin.

improvements at a large bank

Challenge: A large investment bank successfully adopted SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and was looking for the next level of improving their agility. 

Solution: We engaged with the leadership of the department to reorganise the system of work and improve alignment and flow.

Results: This ongoing engagement is progressively reorganising the teams, operating model and deploying continuous improvements.

Techniques: System Thinking, Systemic coaching, 1-2-1 coaching, Digital Organisation design, Kaizen.

digital thinking curriculum

Challenge: A client needed to compete in the competitive Digital environment and looked to build new teams with new talents. 

Solution: Working with a partner we developed a 10-day Digital Thinking curriculum complementing the technology training and their recruitment programme.

Results: We are completing the first cohort with amazing progress of the young talents. 

Techniques: Digital, Design Thinking, Systemic Coaching, Agile, Lean, DevOps, Cynefin.

" Our team was new to Wardley mapping, and was wrestling with the direction we wanted to take on one part of our new strategy. Philippe created an effective and productive environment for our workshop, and helped us wrestle with our first steps into Wardley mapping. We came out of the session with a far better picture of the options and paths that were available to us than when we went in. " Matt Barrett - CEO



Challenge: An enterprise wanted to model the extension of one of their solutions into a Product. 

Solution: We ran a workshop with the leadership team to map the value chain, the movement to Product and options to play a role in the underlying open-source components. This used Wardley Maps and Climatic Patterns of movement.

Results: The enterprise gained a better understanding of their product play from this improved situational awareness.

Techniques: Workshops, Wardley Maps, Systemic Coaching, Cynefin

Unifying a DEVOPS team

Challenge: An enterprise needed to reinforce the alignment of their DevOps team in support of Agile adoption.

Solution: We are running an initial 6-month Coachulting™ programme aiming to align the team and progress through a joined set of goals. 

Results: This ongoing engagement is allowing the team to connect more, while exploring a packaged offering in support of internal projects, and joining-up the previously siloed functions.

Techniques: Systemic coaching, Workshops,  Lean, ToC, Kanban

leadership development

Challenge: A newly promoted CTO was needing some support in organising and leading his teams. 

Solution: We are running an ongoing one-to-one coaching programme with a focus on flow, team communication and leadership.

Results: The work is being visualised and the teams are progressing through their understanding of flow. New hires, role distribution have happened and we are developing the systemic leadership.

Techniques: 1-to-1 Zoom coaching, Systemic Management, Lean, Kanban, ToC, Cynefin.

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