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Continuous Business Excellence

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Challenges of driving excellence in organisations

The digital revolution has made technology an integral part of the product/service mix in most businesses. Businesses have struggled adapting, and their Agile programmes have only gone so far. “Technical Debt” is everywhere and appears as a fatality.

Paradoxically, "Technical Debt" is not so much about technology, and more about the culture and practices that allowed it to spread uncontrolled. It is therefore essential to tackle "Operational Debt" as part of the creating a process of quality management. 

Organisations in the service / tech industry have typically lack the processes and the culture of continuous improvements that you find in other industries like automotive. Kaizen was in fact central to the Toyota Production System.

Operational Excellence should actually be the start of every transformation programme. Not only because it removes constraints and variability, but it also promotes the right culture and collaboration across the system. 

Henko's unique approach

Excellence is not something you mandate; it is something you build as part of the culture. It is about building organisations that improve themselves all the time.

We have gone to learn Kaizen in automotive (ask us about the Porsche Story) and we are one of the few coaching firm to bring such Kaizen practices into Services / Tech / Digital businesses. 

Our approach it remarkably effective and combines a mix of coaching (Everybody needs to find their role in quality) and effective Kaizen at all levels of the systems from team retros to system level events.  

Continuous Excellence Services

Filter the results by focus areas: 

In-house Leadership Training Cohorts

In-house Leadership Training Cohorts

In-house training & mentoring programmes (cohort style or accelerated)

Facilitation of in-house Guilds

Facilitation of in-house Guilds

1-year programme of facilitating your in-house Guilds with regular meetup events

Operational Excellence Facilitation and Advisory

Operational Excellence Facilitation and Advisory

Co-design of your continuous improvement framework and deployment of training, advisory support and event facilitation

Corporate Keynotes and Executive Briefings

Corporate Keynotes and Executive Briefings

Corporate keynote talks to ignite change, focus strategy or introduce an event

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