Henko's Services  
Service offerings


15-day change assessment

30-day change planning

100-day change kick-start

Adhoc interventions: Strategy mapping, value stream mapping, system mapping, Off-sites, etc.

Interim Leadership:  programme kick-off, delivery rescue, interim Delivery Management, Lean-Agile-Digital change


& coaching

6 - 12 month Coachulting programmes, 1 to 5 days/month facilitating teams / leadership

Systemic coaching of teams

Team mentoring

Mastermind programmes for CoPs

Special workshops

Leadership off-sites

1-to-1 Executive coaching 


& mentoring

10-Day Digital Thinking curriculum for the reskilling of existing workforce, graduate programmes, career changers, etc

Digital Leadership curriculum: Strategy using Wardley maps, Systemic Leadership, Digital Operational Excellence 

1-to-1 coaching programmes:

- From traditional to Digital Leader

- From Engineer to Manager

we develop digital leadership



  • Context-aware Digital strategy and Product strategy 

  • Strategy mapping using Wardley Maps

  • Strategy deployment

  • Weak signals and SenseMaking

  • Education & Executive coaching to mapping



  • Lean-Agile operating practices

  • Continuous improvement / Kaizen

  • Delivery Flow improvements

  • Removal of waste and value focus

  • Metrics / OKRs

  • Team & management education to flow & Lean-Agile culture



  • Digital organisation models

  • Organisation alignment 

  • Viable System Model

  • Constraints / bottlenecks

  • Educate the Leadership and the Management to modelling

people and leadership


Like the Operating System in a computer, people and leadership are the foundation for everything in the Digital organisation.

Organisations that fail to develop the right digital culture will starve of talents, and compromise their future. 

Systemic Management

  • Build team intelligence

  • Develop collaboration and system intelligence

  • Harness it for continuous improvements

  • Unleash innovation

Managing Uncertainty

  • Recognise Complex/Volatile vs Causal context

  • Adapt management to the context

  • Operating model

  • Education to complexity as an essential skill for modern leaders

Product & Engineering Cultures


  • Flow economics over siloed optimisation

  • Engineering briefings for recognising the digital potential

  • Shifting from Project mindset to Product Thinking



With a view to set a transformation journey on the right track, a more profound hands-on assistance can be required. we offer various "kick-starter" options, strategic interventions or interim coverage.

Change assessment - 15-day change assessment using interviews, "gemba" team visits, and a variety of assessment tools. The assessment concludes with a workshop and report for the change direction.

Change planning - 30-day change planning includes the above assessment and a series of iterations & workshops to elaborate a change plan with the leadership team(s).

Change kick-off - 100-day change kick-off includes the above and works hands-on with the leadership and the teams in a Coachulting™ capacity to drive the initial momentum.

Short strategic engagements - Short engagements over a few weeks to map the Strategy on maps or the organisation on VSM with a view to assist the senior leadership through their change process

Interim / contracting - Standard Time & Material engagements over a few months to assist an unclear need or fill a role until a permanent resource is found.


workshops & coaching

Tailored facilitated workshops are at the centre of our interventions. Workshops favour collaboration, drive alignment and develop buy-in. We prepare our workshops so the time is used most effectively in the sessions.

Leadership off-sites - Workshops for strategy shaping & deployment, change planning, leadership alignment, and resolution of systemic constraints blocking change (quarterly cadence)

Coachulting programme - On-going series of monthly workshops over 6 to 12 months aligning and guiding a team through their own improvements. This may be combined with Advisory assistance

Change programme planning - Intense series of workshops mixed with Advisory assistance over a few weeks to drive a change plan, book of work or budget planning

Crisis / Conflict resolution - Driving conflict resolution and alignment at team level. This may also apply to delivery crisis situation for replanning or coordinating a failing programme

Agendashift Workshop - We are partner of Agendashift™ and can run Agendashift™ outcome focused change workshops. 

Please see more at: www.agendashift.com

1-to-1 Executive / CTO Coaching -  Discreet 1-to-1 coaching of a senior Executive needing upskilling to the demand of Digital Leadership, and/or development of managerial skills of promoted technology leaders.



Tailored in-house curriculums for teams, leadership teams, operational teams, CoEs, grad programmes, talent retraining. 

The content of those is also distilled in our 1-to-1 coaching. 

Digital Thinking - a 10-day curriculum for Digital reskilling programmes, graduate intake programmes and career changers. Can be combined with hiring support and technical curriculum (with a partner).

Digital Leadership Foundations - 2-day module as a concentrated version of the Digital Thinking curriculum. Foundation course to other specific Digital Strategy and Systemic Leadership modules. 

Digital Strategy - Using strategic mapping to develop situational aware strategies. Learn how to do your first map, exploit movement and deploy your strategy (1 day essentials + advanced modules)

Systemic Digital Leadership - Education and coaching programme to help Leaders develop systemic leadership skills, which are essential in managing knowledge work.

A la carte format - We recognise that most leaders may not have the time to spend in-classroom training. The training can be distilled as part of 1-2-1 coaching or Systemic Workshop interventions.