Training Modules

It is considerably less wasteful to pace the training at the rate that people can adopt it. 



Tailored in-house curriculums for talent development at all levels: Leaders, leadership teams, operational teams, centres of excellence, graduate or reskilling programmes, etc.


The trainings combined with all our programmes to bring education at individual, team or system level. 

We are offering a new approach with training journeys. The training is delivered over time and combined with mentoring & coaching to focus on adoption of of the training concepts. 

Currently being updated - please visit us soon again for more details about our training journeys. 

A-la-carte format - We recognise that most leaders may not have the time to spend in-classroom training and operational teams can be constrained too. The trainings can be distilled as bite-size series. 

Digital Thinking reskilling curriculum  - a 10-day curriculum for Digital reskilling programmes, graduate intake programmes and career changers. Can be combined with hiring support and a technical curriculum (with a partner).

Digital Leadership Foundations - 2-day module as a concentrated version of the Digital Thinking curriculum. Foundation course to other specific Digital Strategy and Systemic Leadership modules. 

Digital Strategy - Using strategic mapping to develop situational aware strategies. Learn how to do your first map, exploit movement and deploy your strategy (1 day essentials + advanced modules)

Systemic Leadership for Digital - Education and coaching programme to help Leaders develop systemic leadership skills, which are essential for a modern leader to lead knowledge work and develop autonomy of the teams.

Leadership in Ambiguity - The world is increasingly ambiguous and it is difficult for Leaders to tune up to working with ambiguity when all their instincts are to drive certainty. This course focuses on educating to Complexity Thinking applied into Leadership and is a must for any Leader to understand the need for business agility.