Digital Change Agility
The Challenges

Most organisations have progressed Digital transformations and Agile initiatives in the recent few years. Digital has often meant technology upgrades, and Agile has focused on working iteratively in IT. 

The change efforts are lacking, or timid at best, in strategy, leadership, systemic autonomy of the teams and operational excellence. 

Often the organisation bring systemic limitations that cannot be overcome by process and methods alone. Without realignment, change becomes extremely difficult and will most likely revert once the attention of experts and coaches winds down. 

Digital Change Agility programmes

Digital Change Agility programmes are umbrella programmes in our offering. They bring a blended approach that mixes all the elements of our more focused offerings:

  • Leadership development

  • Team collaboration and multi-team-systems

  • Digital Strategy

  • Operational excellence


 The order in which we approach the programmes is highly dependent on the context in the ambitions. 


The programmes start with an advisory system entry engagement that reviews the system of work from multiple perspectives. We consider a view of the flow during this approach and engage the teams in trying some initial possibilities. We then recommend deploying a mix of coaching and training/mentoring journeys to help the business's Digital ambitions. 

Coaching & training modules

The Operational Excellence programmes deploy a mix of the following Coaching and Training modules: 

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Systemic coaching

  • Digital advisory and organisation design

  • Assessments and SenseMaking

  • Strategy facilitation

  • Operational excellence facilitation

  • 1-to-1 coaching/mentoring of leaders

  • Next level from Digital/Agile transformation efforts

  • Systemic leadership development

  • Organisation realignment & operating model

  • Development of in-house competencies and emancipation from consultants

  • Digital effectiveness

  • Digital strategy competences

Client stories

Tier 1 Investment Bank: Multi-faceted change effort

A long term engagement with a Tier-1 Investment Bank allowed bringing all the services together under one engagement.  This part of the bank was already doing very well, and they were looking for the next level of performance. 

We focused on addressing the Digital fundamentals of operational excellence, Flow and strategy. Even more fundamentally, most of the work consisted of creating a performance agenda, realigning for it and intentionally engaging the systemic relationships. The whole organisation pivoted to value stream and functions. More than labelling the teams, this was a profound rethinking about realigning relationships and roles over outcomes. 

It was not so much about finding all the solutions. We built the alignment, culture and competences in the system to find their answers. The system has become much more resilient for it.