Digital Strategy Facilitation
The Challenges

In recent years, the strategic focus has been to modernise technology (Data/Cloud) and improve the ways-of-working to integrate software in the value chains. Such strategies are only playing catch-up and won't support Digital differentiation. The strategy should return to centre stage to guide performance and change efforts. ​

Digital is profoundly changing the field of strategy. Classic strategic framework (mostly created in the 1960s) cannot accommodate the pace of change and connectedness of Digital.

Businesses falling behind tend to seek templated quick solutions from the Advisory ecosystem, which challenges their ability to adopt those effectively. Playing catch-up will only allow staying afloat temporarily. More needs to be done to develop in-house competencies to stay ahead in the Digital race and a faster-moving world.

Strategy deployment is a misunderstood practice. Most organisations tend to focus on execution roadmaps instead. Roadmaps do not work when the pace accelerates. They bring too much rigidity and a focus on delivery rather than outcomes. Learning new techniques such as Wardley Maps and xMatrix can develop the needed insight and alignment. 

Digital Strategy Facilitated Programmes

We help leadership teams and the rest of the system develop an understanding of the strategic cycle and the specific nature of Digital strategies. We recognise where the enterprise needs the most help during the system entry and discuss deploying the required assistance. 


Our programmes articulate between:

  • Strategy shaping, using Wardley Maps and the Digital canvas

  • Strategy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri) using xMatrix to enable effective distribution and participation in the strategy.

  • Complexity education needed in both cases. 


A new landscape calls for new approaches. We have developed specific methods and canvasses to help your teams formulate suitable approaches in the Digital landscape.

Our programme of Strategy Shaping covers:

  • Education to Digital strategic patterns

  • Education to strategy mapping (Wardley Maps)

  • Landscape mapping

  • Climate / Inertia / Movement

  • Deep dive in the operational patterns

  • Strategic scenarios and plays

  • Connection of the strategy to the organisation model and execution

The Strategy Deployment process aligns the day-to-day execution congruently to the strategic needs. Involving the people into Strategy Deployment supports the strategic alignment and enables emergent thinking from the whole work system.

Our programme of Strategy Deployment covers:​

  • Identifying the fractal parts of the system where a strategic cycle should exist

  • Connecting the parts into fractal strategic cycles

  • Kick-start the strategic discussions with the relevant teams

  • Facilitate the details of strategies, measures, execution

  • Establish alignment and emergent flow between the fractal and systemic parts

  • Set the review cadences and facilitate the on-going refreshes

Coaching & training modules

The Digital Strategy programmes deploy a mix of the following Coaching and Training modules: 

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Systemic coaching

  • Training to Digital Strategy using Wardley Maps

  • Digital canvasses 

  • Training to Strategy Deployment and xMatrix

  • Digital advisory

  • 1-to-1 mentoring of leaders

  • Digital situational awareness

  • Coherence of strategic choices

  • Elaborated Digital strategic plays

  • Clarity and shared mental models

  • Alignment from strategy to execution

  • Buy-in from the teams

  • Enabling agility and pivots

  • Coherence across the system

Client stories

Tier 1 Investment Bank: Strategy to the People!


A large bank reorganised to a product-based organisation using value streams (as opposed to a project-based organisation). 


To create the value streams' identity, we engaged with the multiple parts of the system in a strategic process. The product strategy held the overall systemic coherence. 


The system's fractal parts took guidance from it (alignment flow) and contributed to it (emergent flow). 


The process developed much autonomy and initiatives in the teams. It informed the strategy better and enabled a clearer view of the work in progress and the need to balance it. 

Government Digital Services: Training of Product Owner group to Wardley Maps


The UK Government Digital Services was one of the early places where Simon Wardley used and developed Wardley Maps.​

It was an honour to be invited to train GDS' Product Owner community to Wardley Maps. 


We also kick-started a procurement initiative with custom training to Wardley Maps to clarify the landscape of digital procurement best practices and promote reuse. 

FS Consultancy: Product strategy

A specialist FS consultancy was considering taking one of their accelerators to market. We mapped the product's value chain and the services to understand the different scenarios to go to market and scale.