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The Flow System Foundations (FS-1)

With Nigel Thurlow - London, UK

September 15th-16th, 2021 

A unique opportunity to be trained by Nigel Thurlow during the first Flow System Foundations to be run in the UK

This course is the launch of the Flow SystemTM Foundations (FS-1) in the UK / Europe. It is a unique opportunity to learn directly from Nigel Thurlow, the co-founder of the Flow System, in person.

As all organisations are grappling with an increasing need for continual change, it is likely that you belong to one of the following category: 

  • Change in your organisation has so far taken much attention, budgets, and efforts (be it Digital transformation or Agile) and there are very little meaningful outcomes to show for it. 

  • Change in your organisation started well but it feels like you are reaching a plateau and you are looking to re-energise it. 

  • Change in your organisation is yet to align and start and you would rather put it on a success trajectory from the start instead of losing 5 years repeating known mistakes. 

  • Change has been a success and you are looking to get even more out of your newly found performance and attack new areas such as more innovation, sustainability, responsibility, etc. 

We will not pretend that the Flow System is a magical pill for all challenges. The Flow System is not a method or a recipe. The Flow System is a new take that will help you see the situation of your organisation from a totally new perspective, allowing you to drive its success. 

The Flow System is a holistic FLOW based approach to delivering Customer 1st Value in modern organisations. It is built on a foundation of The Toyota Production System, also known as TPS and Lean, plus a new triple helix structure known as the DNA of Organisations.



Aligning your organisation, leadership and teams to work in harmony with continually adding value to your customers is what the Flow System thrives to enable and indeed, companies that achieve Flow tend to sustain success for long. 

The Flow System Foundations provide an understanding of different methods, patterns, practices, and techniques that enable organisations or institutions to achieve their desired outcomes.

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Education not just Certification

This is no ordinary online learning experience. This is an investment in your learning and your future.


Some quotes from early practitioners and professionals taking the course: 

There simply is nothing else like this training out there. This is like a mini MBA!

I consider it to be the best course I have taken so far in my professional career.

This is the next big thing. The Flow System is as significant a step as the Agile manifesto was 20 years ago.

What is the Flow System?


The Flow SystemTM provides a re-imagined system for organizations to understand complexity, embrace teamwork, and autonomous team-based leadership structures. Not a framework, a system of learning and understanding.

The Flow SystemTM is a holistic FLOW based approach to delivering Customer 1st Value. It is built on a foundation of The Toyota Production System, also known as TPS and Lean, plus a new triple helix structure known as the DNA of OrganizationsTM.

The Flow SystemTM provides an understanding of different methods, patterns, practices, and techniques that enable organizations or institutions to achieve their desired outcomes.

Description of the Course

The Flow System Foundations Course (FS-1) provides a brief overview of The Flow System (TFS) including the components that make up TFS, the background in the development of TFS, and a definition of TFS.

This course will highlight the core principles of TFS and will briefly introduce participants to the concepts that make up The Triple Helix of Flow along with a brief introduction to various tools and techniques available to participants for each of the three helixes.

Flow Thinking

In Flow Thinking we explore the concepts of Flow and Constructal Law. We look at Frameworks, the evolution of Lean, Value and the key concepts behind The Flow System. This module also covers the Toyota Production System and The Toyota Way, Customer 1st Principles and The Flow System Attributes.

Complexity Thinking

In Complexity Thinking we start with Systems Thinking and introduce you to Complexity Thinking, Deductive, Inductive and Abductive Reasoning before delving deeper into Empiricism and PDCA/PDSA. We look at Deming's System of Profound Knowledge as we journey into VUCA and onwards to Wicked Problems and Disruptive Innovation.

Your complexity journey is only just getting going as we learn about Cynefin and Complex Adaptive Systems, and we hear from Dave Snowden himself, the creator of Cynefin and a leading scholar of complexity theory.

As you start to make sense of Complexity we introduce Sensemaking and Weak Signal Detection (WSD), Anecdote Circles, Story Telling and Narratives along with Network Analysis. As you become proficient in these topics we continue our learning path with Empirical Process Control, Constraint Management, The Theory of Constraints, Prototypes, The OODA Loop and Scrum The Toyota Way.

Distributed Leadership

In Distributed Leadership you'll examine and learn about Psychological Safety (Dr Amy Edmondson) which transitions to Active Listening and Leader's Intent. You'll study Shared Mental Models and Team Mental Models before mastering the basics of Wardley Mapping, a key strategic planning tool.

Decision Making, Bias Towards Action and Collaboration together with Coaching and Mentoring skills come next. Following these important topics we will gain some of the most powerful skills when we examine Complex Facilitation and techniques such as The Future Backwards. We also look at Liberating Structures.

Our final section in this module examines Organizational Design as we look at why it matters and examine some techniques that can be applied in Lean and Agile contexts. We look at Value Streams and how they can be used to optimize the Flow of Value and some of the techniques to solving organizational bottlenecks and constraints.

Team Science

In Team Science you will really understand why Team Training is critical and why teams don't just become teams all by themselves. After the basics of Team Science you will learn about Human Centered Design, how to Design a Team, Identify Goals and gain Situational Awareness and grasp the importance of Developing Cognitions while understanding Influencing Conditions.

We then study Team Learning and Team Effectiveness and learn the formulas for calculating team effectiveness. Finally you'll learn the value and power of Red Teaming before we conclude with Multiteam Systems which are at the heart of all scaling approaches in Lean and Agile organizations and beyond. You'll also learn the team effectiveness formula for multiteam systems.


  • 2 days - Classroom with interactive exercises

  • 2 x 1 hr group mentoring calls after the training

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, participants will gain a brand new perspective in their efforts of improving Flow in their system of work :

  • Understanding the purpose and principles of a Flow System

  • Applying the concept of Customer 1st and identifying who the customer is

  • Articulating the concept of Flow

  • Identifying and deploying the Triple Helix of Flow in their organisation

  • Describing the concept of Complexity Thinking

  • Differentiating between the domains of knowledge (clear, complicated, confused, complex, chaotic)

  • Applying the concepts of Shared Leadership and Distributed Leadership

  • Supporting the concept of Team Science

  • Explaining the different components of successful teams (team effectiveness & teamwork)

  • Identifying the different methods, techniques, and tools for each of the helixes in the Triple Helix of Flow


Assessment and accreditation

Participation to the training will give access to the an online accreditation. Accreditation is achieved after successfully completing an assessment. Two attempts of the assessment are included . Participants are able to take the assessment after completion of their training.

The Flow System Foundations (FS-1) course is a prerequisite for any advanced course. To be accredited in an advanced course, it is first necessary to be accredited in The Flow System Foundations (FS-1) course. Any of the five advanced courses (FL- A1, CT-A1, DL-A1, TS-A1, LT-A1) can be taken once accredited in The Flow System Foundations (FS-1) course.



Training is keenly priced at £1,000+VAT for early bird sign-ups. Early bird will apply for the first 20 participants or until 15th of August, whichever expires the soonest.

Once the early bird offer expires, prices will go up to £1,250+VAT. 

Spaces are limited to 50 participants. 

The price will include refreshments throughout the day. Lunch will not be provided in light of the potential challenges of offering an open buffet. We will take a lunch break and there are many venues from which to buy lunch in the vicinities of the premises.

Corporate packages: We also offer Corporate packages starting from x5 attendees.

Please enquire » for details, pricing and special optional packages to accommodate your needs. 

COVID Update:

We will comply with relevant procedures at the time of the training in relation to COVID. The venue offer ample space to distance the tables. We will confirm the procedures as the government will offer clarification. It is likely that we will ask all participants to confirm a negative test ahead of the training and provide relevant hand sanitising at all the tables.


Participants unable to attend due to a positive COVID test would be offered a conversion to a virtual course or a full refund. 

In case of new lockdowns making this course impossible, we would offer to the participants the possibility to convert to a virtual course (4 x half days), or postpone to a rescheduled in-person event or cancel and get a full refund.



- Nigel Thurlow -

Nigel is the creator of the award-winning Scrum the Toyota Way training course, and the co-creator of The Flow System. Nigel previously served as the first ever Chief of Agile at a global Toyota company, leading Lean and Agile practices at Toyota Connected. He also led many digital and organizational transformation initiatives while at Toyota and is a recognized expert in the Toyota Production System, the Toyota Way, and various Agile approaches.

Nigel is also a Forbes noted Author and a well known Keynote Speaker and as a Professional Scrum Trainer, the first one ever in Toyota and the first to have been certified by both the creators of Scrum, he has trained over 7500 people worldwide as of 2020.


Nigel has published several peer reviewed white papers and journal publications on team science, and he acts as an advisor on several boards at the University of North Texas. He has been featured in Forbes and many other publications and these together with several talks he's given can be found online. His YouTube channel can be found at

He is the co-author of the book on The Flow System and a contributor to Chief Executive Magazine.

For more information about Flow System, please see:


- Philippe Guenet -

Philippe has over 25 years of experience in digital change and professional services and has worked with corporate, banks and start-ups alike.

Philippe created Henko 4 years ago to help clients approach change and digital leadership in new and effective ways. Those ways are now included in the Flow System, of which Philippe is a trainer. Philippe is also ORSC Certified, ICF ACC.

Philippe will assist Nigel on this initial training and will subsequently offer on-going training to the Flow System in person and virtually in UK / Europe. Please also enquire for associated coaching, cohort and bootcamp packages that can be run in-house to support your change & Flow efforts.

For more information about Henko, please see:

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In association with Publicis Sapient

We thank our partner sponsor Publicis Sapient for associating with us in the launch of the Flow System in the UK. The training will be run from Publicis Sapient London's office at Turnmills, 63 Turnmill Street, London, EC1M 5RR, by Farringdon.

For more information about Sapient, please see: