Cohort-based Training Journeys

We offer the next generation training with cohort-based learning journeys for digital Flow and digital leadership

Over 70% of companies rely on LMS (Learning Management Systems) for the training of their employees. LMS has scaled enormously with the development of platforms. It provides an easy and cheap solution to meet the needs of continuous learning. 

However, content-based LMS do not tend to be very effective: 

  • Only 6.5% of the students tend to complete the courses they started,

  • 87% of the content is forgotten within a month of the training, 

  • 80% of the skills are lost within a week if not put into practice. 

(sources - Katy Jordan's research and Imparta report)

At Henko, we believe that this calls for a new approach, and we organise our training with a focus on practical adoption, which is the actual value of training. 

Wardley map of the training landscape 

The above presents a Wardley Map of the training landscape, which helps clarify where Henko and our courses play out (dotted red box). We cover Wardley Maps as part of our Digital Flow Fundamentals and the Strategy Master-Course. If strategy maps are new to you and are of interest, please enquire.


You can take many courses and achieve coveted "certification" through an online exam (often consisting in recalling definitions and terminologies). However, such a learning method feels academic and is not conducive to developing adoption and confidence in practice. It also requires much financial and time investment to explore and qualify with different frameworks. Organisations are wising-up to this and we support them with a focus on practical application with extended cohort-based learning. We have arranged dedicated experiences for digital leadership and recalibrating change with Flow. We can also support more formal training like Flow System, combining cohort-based support and online learning/certification. 

Our approach plugs the gap between concepts and application. We take on the work of amalgamating interesting frameworks & concepts in the industry and offer courses oriented to your challenges and needs: 

  • Digital Flow Fundamentals offers as an introduction to recalibrate digital and Agile transformation efforts to Flow thinking. 

  • Other Master-courses deepen the learning, focusing specifically on digital operational excellence, new leadership and teamwork collaboration, and organisation design and strategy.

The format of our courses is a mix between learning and coaching and can be augmented with personal support. It is paced in a way that favours application in practice and adoption. Please see details about Henko learning journeys »

We will offer Flow System cohorts in 2022 and are discussing supporting Team Topologies. Those can be arranged now for corporate inhouse cohorts. Please see details about Flow System »