Large transformation programmes don't tend to work so well. We start small and in action straightaway, then amplify and accelerate progress. 

Getting started!

Simple support models to address a point problem or start the journey

An initial workshop / (virtual) offsite to address a pressing challenge and get a feel for working with us. A first alignment workshop for a leadership team is a great starting point for instance. 

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alignment workshop / (virtual) offsite

Coaching a leader in the business is a great way to start establishing a sense of the challenges and how to approach them with the teams

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Leadership coaching

Advisory assessments give you a perspective on the dimensions to consider on your change journey and options to go and address them

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Advisory assessment

Special one-off trainings offer a great starting point to bring people up to speed on a specific topic brought into your context.

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Special Training

3 simple steps to get started

Choose a team, assemble a cohort or enable a key individual to work with us

Pick a challenge to address

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Training journeys offer a great starting point for scaled deployment. We train a cohort(s) on a theme with mentoring / coaching to stimulate adoption. 

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training Journeys

Ready programmes on specific themes to accelerate your journey

Systemic Programme with a leadership team to create continued alignment and focus on the challenges in play while developing Digital leadership skills. 

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Leadership Programme

Facilitated series of workshops mixing a training journey and effective facilitation of Digital strategy or alignment over Operational Excellence.

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Facilitated Strategy or Excellence

Coaching package of 1-to-1 coaching for a few key individuals in the business to develop their skills in support of wider programmes. 

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Coaching individuals

3 simple steps to get started

Identify the individuals, teams and communities that could benefit

Determine the focus areas

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Tailored Programmes

Special programmes for complex and systemic change roll-out

System entry is an initial engagement clarifying the landscape and co-creating the agenda and coaching for change. 

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System Entry co-design

Tailored programmes are multi-dimensional programmes customised to the need and availability of your work system.      More »


Please see below some examples:

Digital leadership »

Systemic alignment & collaboration » 

Digital strategy » 

Operational excellence »

Digital change & agility »

Remote working in COVID times » 

Tailored programmes

Structured reviews are integrated as part of the engagements so we inspect and adapt with a regular cadence. 

Structured reviews

3 simple steps to get started

Establish a point person in your organisation to co-create with us

Determine your challenges

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