Henko's Programmes

Your business is complex and unique, let us co-design the right programme with you.

Getting the leadership and the teams to own their change using coaching.

As enterprises mature their Digital/Agile approach, the focus naturally shifts from isolated initiatives to the whole enterprise. It means that the practices and competencies need to embed into the standard work system: the business value chains, the teams, and the organisation's leadership. 

It is about bringing a multi-faceted coaching approach to the change while building its sustainability in the work system. 

We get quickly into action, facilitated by the readiness of coaching and training modules that we can deploy according to your specific needs (Please see the Coaching & Training section for details).

Leadership engagement

Systemic engagement

Digital systemic leadership

Team dynamics

Systemic collaboration

Strategic alignment

Operational excellence

1-to-1 Leadership coaching

Systemic coaching

Workshop facilitation

Training journeys

Digital advisory

Digital organisation model

Operating model 

Modular tailored Programmes
System entry: Establish the change Agenda

An initial advisory phase of 4 to 6 weeks to establish your landscape, challenges, opportunities, and co-create an initial change iteration to support your Digital performance ambitions. 

This phase parallelises work with an operational team to put change into action and work with a leadership team to elevate the challenges, develop perceptions and use the learnings for scaled roll-out.

Change iteration: Deploy an Iteration
Structured inspect, adapt, Iterate

The programmes follow a continuous inspect and adapt with the key sponsor, the leadership team and the teams involved:

  • Monthly review of progress / alignment

  • Quarterly review against the increment and adjustments

  • 6 month review of the increment and refresh and repeat. 


Many businesses are very much underway on their Digital and Agile journeys. But they are hitting a plateau, and remain far from the ambitions they had at the start. Other businesses are starting in their journey, and want to navigate through the pitfalls of method based approaches that have failed to deliver meaningful results. 


Please see some of the programmes we can deploy and read the stories from our clients: