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It is easy to think that coaching is only relevant to large businesses or when there is an apparent conflict to fix. Like an Olympic athlete will train with a coach continually to get an edge, all companies can benefit from coaching to ensure on-going performance. 

Start-ups have to be masters of navigating ambiguity and possibilities at the start of their business. They need to focus on their offering with an element of flexibility to the weak signals from prospects. It calls for a solid alignment of the leadership, a strategic clarity in line with good situational awareness and rapid cycles of checking-in on the strategy and its execution progress. Start-ups cannot ignore the importance of operational excellence too. Compromising on operational excellence in the early days is likely to result in stability and scaling issues at the scale-up stage when the business will least want it. 

Scale-ups and mid-size businesses have the most leverage toward making a big play. Digital can get a successful business on a Global stage rapidly. Smart Digital-Business plays can redefine whole industries. Investing in technology solutions should not be seen as the "assets" those once were. Technology paradigms change fast, and any investment is equally a liability when they do. The constant offering long term resilience is the organisation, practices, people competencies and leadership. Our programmes offer to focus on those critical aspects. 

Corporates are facing ever-increasing challenging times. Start-ups and mid-size organisations are after their business or looking to disintermediate them from their customers. Digital gives a real chance of this. David can beat Goliath when agility matters. Corporates are highly industrialised. Their work-system is fully optimised for the results they get. Functional optimisation often becomes an obstacle to change. Any attempt to change requires a colossal effort, for little meaningful results. For instance, many Corporates have embraced Agile methods but continue with yearly budgets and a project, rather than a product, mindset. Agile without business agility does not fundamentally matter. It is time to reboot their approach to Agile transformations with a systemic focus on agility and digital performance. 

We also offer our services via Consultancies, Resourcing Agencies, Venture Capitalists and Incubators. Digital disruption is not only for clients. The professional services ecosystem will face an equal disruption. We offer to co-label our services with the professional services organisations to answer your clients' new needs and experience our new models in combination with your services. 

Our programmes are designed to support all types of businesses with their Digital performance. 

Please navigate our programmes and services, and don't hesitate to make contact for an initial conversation. 

Our approach: Keeping you in charge

As enterprises progress through their agility, the focus on delivery execution shifts to the enterprise's whole functions. It is no longer about having a Chief Digital Officer or a Head of Ways-of-Working. It is about bringing those competencies into the standard work system. The leadership have ownership of the organisation and the Ways-of-Working. 

For transitioning to this next level, the support ecosystem needs to adapt too. It is no longer about appointing Senior Change Specialists, tasking Consultancies with the change or even deploying training on a vast scale. It is about coaching the work system (both individual leaders and teams) and facilitating the practices' adoption into the day-to-day.


One fundamental principle of coaching is to keep the Client/Coachee in charge. For this, coaches need to fade away while maintaining a cadence of check-ins. It is why we designed our programmes as cadences of developing Practices, Competencies and Leadership. It is also why internal coaches do not work so well. We recommend buying our interventions as a service / fix-price because it will set a cadence and maintain the ownership of progress in you leadership and teams. Incidentally, it makes the cost of our services more manageable too.

Modular tailored Programmes

For organisations new to coaching, we offer a modular approach tailored to your exact needs. We can also accommodate you with a soft start such as an isolated Advisory assessment, coaching a leader for a period or doing a one-off team alignment exercise. Our programmes would then generally deploy as a cadence "KATA" of 6 months to a year. The intensity of our engagements can flex with the depth of deployment, number of leaders/teams and realistic bandwidth. 

Our programmes do not focus away from day-to-day work as they mix coaching with purposeful facilitation of strategy and operational excellence. So, this work is not substitutive, but contributes to focusing on the right topics. 

You can browse our Programmes under this section, which will give you an idea of the outcomes that you can realise. The programmes are tailored to your own needs. We would do an initial advisory "system entry" engagement to assess the situation and co-create the programme with you. 

If you have a good idea of your needs for training and coaching, you can pick directly from our Coaching & Training services » and compose your own programme. 

Of course, we would be very happy to discuss your exact needs and help you through those choices. Please get in touch! » 

Programmes for digital & agility

Many businesses are very much underway on their Digital Change and Agile journeys. But they are hitting a plateau, and remain far from the ambitions they had at the start. Other businesses are starting in their journey, and want to navigate through the pitfalls of method based approaches that have failed to deliver meaningful results. 


Our programmes get you to this new generation with an approach that engages the teams in collaboration:

Please navigate our specific pages to appreciate the content of the programmes and the services that make it.  

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