Henko Learning Journeys
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We run applied focused learning experiences in the form of cohort-based training journeys. We pace the learning at the speed that students can acquire and apply the skills. We alternate learning sessions, exercises and additional calls to reflect on the practice, focusing on adoption.

At this stage, we only offer our courses as private cohorts for businesses. The courses can be customised to your specific situation and combined with team & leadership coaching. 
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Our courses

Digital Flow Fundamentals

Digital Leadership & Collaborative Teamwork

Digital Organisation Design

Digital Operational Excellence

Digital Strategy

Digital Flow Fundamentals: This course is a foundation course for organisations and practitioners looking to recalibrate and re-energise digital and agile transformation initiatives by applying Flow. The curriculum does the hard work for you, gathering the concepts from multiple emergent sources, helping you make sense of those in practice and focusing on transitioning from your current set-up. 

Digital Leadership and Collaborative Teamwork: This Master-course is a deep dive for new digital leadership skills and systemic collaboration of teams. We can run the course with a cohort of leaders, a leadership team or an operational (agile) team. The course focuses on generating strong team dynamics and healthy interpersonal relationships.

Digital Operational Excellence: This Master-course focuses on building the right foundations of digital excellence. Many organisations struggle in their journey because excellence is generally lacking. Excellence is a behaviour & attitude more than a process. This course dives into the criticality of creating Continuous Improvements cultures and the leadership challenge of sustaining those. 

Digital Organisation Design: Many businesses are coming full loop to realise that the organisation was the challenge. They are now looking to align to value streams. This master-course brings fundamental considerations to organise for Flow. 

Digital Strategy: This master-course offers multiple considerations for approaching strategy in digital and connecting is to an iterative agile execution. This covers an in-depth view of Wardley Mapping techniques and considers change vectors, iterating the strategy, enabling emergence, etc. 


Each of the courses are offered as a learning journey of six half-day virtual sessions over three to six months. 

The virtual sessions are complemented by a mentoring call and a mastermind (on six months cohorts) enabling group reflection in practice. 

Additional one-to-one and team coaching can also be arranged. 

The same courses may also be used to stimulate workshops and off-sites in support of change, excellence, leadership development, team coaching or strategy.