DL meetup: Orientation using Wardley Maps

The third meetup focused on using Wardley maps for orientation in the Digital landscape.

Do you want situational awareness or prefer staying in a land of meme strategies?
Source: Chris Daniel from Leading Edge Forum

Chris introduced us to Wardley mapping in our third meetup. Wardley maps are an excellent tool for strategic orientation. Maps are based on the principle that everything will commoditise over time as a result of competition. The iPhone is no longer the revolution is was when it launched in 2008.

Commoditisation is not a bad thing; it is, in fact, a necessary part of the cycle enabling higher order items (innovation) to appear. The path of industrialisation is also when money is made, as the offering goes from pioneers to the early & late majority. A commodity play is also a strategy to become a platform.

Simon Wardley played this very well with Ubuntu. Cloud providers are doing this too - open play to become a platform- while also spinning up innovation to differentiate.

As Chris explained being able to map is an essential start to orient, which in turn helps to deploy the right management approach to the situation. In this sense, Wardley maps are very complementary to Cynefin.

Please see a download of the decks and videos (from SkillsMatter) at:

  • Philippe Guenet (Henko): Why using maps for orienting in the Digital Landscape? - Slides »

  • Chris Daniel (Leading Edge Forum): An introduction to using Wardley Maps - Slides » and Video »