Measuring your Agile delivery process - how to get end-to-end insights

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Thank you to those who made it to our meetup on Monday the 17th  - Measuring your Agile delivery process - how to get end-to-end insights, and thank you to our speakers from Plandek for sharing their insights in supporting organisations use metrics to improve their Agile journey.

The team from Plandek kindly set up the scene of using metrics and the benefits of using facts to make decisions, yet the unintended consequences – the 7 sins- of misusing metrics. The demo of the product was also very interesting. I have seen many organisations spending vast amount of efforts creating custom BI solutions to get some dashboards. I have to hold my hand up having used Excel in the past too! The space has been crying out for some time for a solution that can plug into industry tools like Jira, Git, Sonar or Jenkins and it is what Plandek is offering.

Some of the metrics available from the application were very interesting and covering multiple dimensions in terms of Best Practices, Feature Contribution, Feature flow efficiency, Upkeep, Quality or Team Work. During the Q&A we discussed some of the most useful metrics and Plandek shared the ones that seem to work the best for Clients: Lead/Cycle time, Flow Efficiency and the general view of the Sprint Dashboard.  There are no “bad” metrics, but it is dangerous taking some metrics out of their context or looking at them in isolation.

One of the greatest tip of the evening was that you never start with the metrics. You start from the outcome you are trying to achieve or behaviours you are trying to change and then only look at simple metrics that support the effort.

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