State of Agile using maps

Wardley Map of the chasm of the Agile industry
State of Agile using Wardley Maps

For this first whitepaper we have analysed the state of Agile using one of our favourite Digital strategy framework called Wardley maps.

Wardley maps give a visual representation of a value chain in answer to business needs, and then positions the elements on a maturity scale of Genesis, Custom, Product and Commodity.

Change is a very personal thing, and the goals of Digital Transformations are to achieve differentiation and performance in a more digitally competitive economy. Yet, most large companies have jumped on the bandwagon of adopting one-size-fits-all Agile / Digital Transformation programmes. Even if it was done well, it would at best achieve level playing field.

The market calls for something else, a transformation that will touch the processes, the people and the culture and develop a relationship between the business and technology that is unique and differentiated. It cannot be achieved from Change that we normalise and impose, but by Change the we facilitate and let emerge.

Managing Change this way calls for a very different leadership style. Leaders that will try and experiment with new approaches. If you are such a leader, you will find our whitepaper refreshing. Please get in touch with us for a new take on your transformation efforts (which we prefer to see as "rapid evolution").

On the other hand, if you are a traditional leader that prefers driving change as wholesale one-size-fits-all programmes, or following trends a decade after they started, you will probably not like what we are saying. But maybe it is time for the wake-up call?

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