What can putting a Man on the Moon teach us about digital agility?

LM and astronaut on the Moon
Source: NASA - image of LM and astronaut on the Moon

Please see below an embedded presentation from SlideShare.

We put together this presentation for Aginext conference. Please see, Aginext and Agile Tour London, which is organised by the same committee.

This presentation was designed to be a fun presentation, retracing the extraordinary journey of the race to the Moon, and the learnings that we can derive to inform the day-to-day world of agile change and digital IT.

Launching a rocket may seem like the most waterfall programme you will ever manage. It all needs to come together for the launch date. However, going to the Moon, especially in the 60s, when the most powerful computers were way inferior to any modern-day smartphone, was a journey of continuous experimentation. The experimentation was always right to the boundaries of knowledge, and a bit more. The talk then derived the learnings for today's leadership.

If you are a conference organiser, this talk was only given to a small group during Lunch time. We would be delighted to replay the speak with a bigger audience.