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  • Cycle of Coaching or Mentoring with a Credentialed Coach or a Senior Practitioner,
  • 6 sessions over 3 to 6 months and email support or check-ins.


Upon signing up for this service, we will contact you to establish your objective and match you to one of our associate coaches or mentors.

  • For coaching, we would match you with one of our credentialed professional coaches.
  • For specialist mentoring, we would match you with specialist mentors in Agile Leadership or Engineering Leadership. 

Specialist Coaching or Mentoring for Mid-Level Managers

PriceFrom £2,250.00
Excluding VAT
  • Agile transformations have been challenged, and "Resistance" is often mentioned. However, the explanation is quite simple. The world of tech is novel, and people have been promoted rapidly while traditional managers struggle with different leadership dynamics. 

    It is time to coach the leadership change at mid-level:

    • Flow and Agile Leadership for Product Owners and ScrumMaster roles with our specialist Agile effectiveness programmes
    • Engineering Leadership for promoted Engineers who need to develop leadership skills in their role
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