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Wardley Maps for Personal Development (0.7MB)

A whitepaper exploring the use of a strategic framework called Wardley Maps, to offer better insights and awareness in support of personal development. This also offers a creative perspective on a totally new way of capturing a CV.  Please enquire » 

Alignment Leadership ebook (2.6MB)

A must-read eBook for to create alignment in the digital enterprise, considering the dimensions of organisation, Flow, people & leadership as well as using strategy and digital excellence to stimulate alignment. This eBook was published in collaboration with MirrorMirror, a tool to assess alignment of teams. If you wanted to assess your alignment and develop it for the performance of your business, please enquire » 

Digital Strategy Patterns Canvas (0.1MB)

A simple canvas to establish some ideas for your digital strategy. We use this canvas as part of our strategy training to awake and stimulate perspective in your digital strategy. Please enquire » if you wanted us to facilitate your team navigate and explore your strategy.

State of Agile using Wardley Maps (1.1MB)

An acclaimed whitepaper looking at the state of Agile using a strategic technique called Wardley Maps. This paper looks at the commoditisation of Agile and the emergence of new approaches to drive digital success. If you wanted to start with the right approach to Agile or refresh your efforts, please enquire »