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Continuous Strategy Facilitation and Advisory

Professional services:

Continuous Strategy Facilitation and Advisory

Service type:

Continuous Strategy


Continuous & cadenced strategy elaboration sessions and quarterly strategy refreshes


Tailored to your needs. Price depends on how many teams and cadence deployed. Please enquire


Large and Mid-Size Organisations

Details of the service:

The Challenge:

In their digital journey, many organisations aimed to deliver technology better. It was the initial attractiveness of Agile. It was also the distorted perspective that operating using Agile techniques would result in business agility. For business agility, organisations need the ability to adjust course as they go along. They also need to consider new constraints concerning technology capability, team alignment and ability in their strategy. Such a level of detail is only known in the teams, and the corporate strategy is, at best, wishful without it. Organisations need to rethink their approach to strategy, no longer a cascade of the set decisions from the top, but a mix of emergent perspectives from the teams and the market and a coherent deployment of efforts. 

Expected Outcomes: 

We help organisations rethink their approach to strategy with the Continuous Strategy Operating Model. It offers: 

  • Emergence of the constraints for a strategy that makes space to account for resolving those, 

  • Engagement from all for a stronger alignment to outcomes and, with it, ownership, autonomy and initiative leadership from the teams, 

  • Aligned coherent focus of direction, which allows balancing the effort and prevents the overloading of the teams, 

  • Better Flow of the strategy into execution and, with it, the ability to reassess and pivot more efficiently, enabling business agility,

  • Better understanding and relationships across the system of work.

Our Differentiated Approach:

We have designed the Continuous Strategy Operating Model, which is the means to build genuine business agility. 

  • Deployment Flow: We work with your teams to enable a suitable deployment Flow, requiring frequent and cadenced synchronisation across connected teams,

  • Continuous Strategy Elaboration: Organisation of diverse groups (across scopes and scales of the organisation) to periodically work on the strategy together. Organisation of the Live mapping* workshops and creation of briefings for strategy refreshes, 

  • Quarterly Strategy Refreshes: Organisation of large-scale quarterly regroups on the strategy at Business Unit level or C-Leadership level, facilitating coordinated discussions and adjustments to the strategy and reprioritising its deployment, 

  • Continuous monitoring with an Enterprise tool: Capture of the strategic lineage from aspirations to strategies, their measures, execution deployment and teams involved across the multiple levels of an organisation. Monitoring of outcomes and regrouped discussions on business (as opposed to just delivery) progress made.

* Live mapping involves facilitating groups' collaboration on the strategy while creating Wardley Map artefacts from those discussions. It is a truly unique skill that we offer with exclusive access to the best mappers globally.

We work with your people to progress in parallel: 

  • Training/education for people to recalibrate their understanding of strategy as a dynamic flowing activity and how to use the relevant tools, 

  • Dedicated assistance to pilot and support change in relevant areas, including relevant coaching of leaders and teams and facilitating the workshops at all levels, 

  • Strategy leadership to help the cross-functional leadership teams own their strategy and participate in the elaboration of the collaborative strategy across scopes. 

Service Format:

This service aims to establish cadences of strategic workshops: 

  • Fortnight facilitation of short (90min) Wardley Mapping strategy elaboration workshops with several diverse groups across the business, 

  • Quarterly strategy refresh events at Business Unit level and across connected Business Units and/or C-Suite, 

  • Focused advisory assistance in designing the operational synchronisation into execution (e.g. Big Room Planning or preferably Lean Portfolio Management). 

Training programmes that support this service: 

Strategy Mapping Fundamentals (Wardley Maps)

This course is an accelerated course to get you to use Wardley Maps in your Strategy

The Flow System

We are qualified with the Flow System and it is core to all our offerings.

Wardley Maps

We use Wardley Maps for identifying value chains in organisation redesign as well as for strategy elaboration. 


i-nexus offers an xMatrix based Enterprise software that we use to set alignment and collaboration over the strategy.


We are approved practitioners & trainers of Agendashift. Agendashift offers great facilitated workshops for strategy, leadership and organisation alignment.

Tools and practices used in this service: 

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