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Agile Effectiveness

Agile Effectiveness

This course is a must for Agile practitioners and Leaders and revisits all the Agile practices with a focus on stimulating performance, collaboration and genuine agility


Modular course of 6 modules, customised to your needs


Price varies based on the number of modules deployed and format.

Details of the curriculum: 

The Challenge:

Despite 20 years of Agile transformations, walking into some Agile team events is often shocking. The tell-tale signs are the team stand-up events. If those are run as a status report from each team member to the scrum-master, it is a sign of a superficial adoption of some methods but a miss on the purpose of those and how to progress agility meaningfully.. In those cases, a big reset is needed, which is what we offer.

Training Objectives:

  • Reconnect teams and Agile leadership with collaborative practices in support of Flow and agility at a team level.

  • Improve the Agile team events such as the stand-up, the planning, the retro and review, as well as practices such as the elaboration and estimation.

  • Beyond the ceremonies, improve the initiation of work as incremental delivery journeys instead of large big-bang deliveries where agility does not matter.

  • Recognise how agile can reduce risk.

Training Outcomes:

By completing the curriculum, participants will: 

  • Improve the Agile practices of their team.

  • Stimulate the teamwork collaboration of their team.

  • Set a business context that will favour agility, enable value sooner and derisk initiatives/projects.

  • Ultimately, improve the delivery performance of a team and prepare them to engage in better collaboration, autonomy and agency.

Training Coverage:

The training is designed to be modular: 

  • We meet with some of your Agile leadership roles (scrum masters, product owners, team members).

  • We "go genba" in some ceremonies (ie. we go and observe the dynamics of sessions).

  • We do an Agile / Flow review and recommend a series of training modules that fit your needs (and budget).

  • We then run those modules paired with reflection circles to reflect on application.

  • Optionally, we can offer additional "genba" observation/feedback cycles and one-to-one mentoring/supervision with your Agile leaders and/or coaches.

Training Approach:

The best way to learn is to have a social experience and put it into practice. We maximise the social interactions during the training modules, using collaborative exercises and "back-of-the-room" techniques. 

We also arrange regular reflections with mentoring and mastermind calls to encourage putting the learning into practice and stimulate peer sharing/learning.

Training format:

The training is adapted to your needs from the available modules and the additional mentoring support. 

The training may be run virtually, preferably using a cohort format, alternating training sessions and reflection circles about putting the learning into practice. 

We can also offer this training as accelerated learning (virtual or in-person) followed by a series of reflection circles run virtually.

Professional services that align with this training: 

Value Stream Change Programmes

Long-lived tailored programmes refreshed in 6-month increments

Facilitation of in-house Guilds

1-year programme of facilitating your in-house Guilds with regular meetup events

In-house Leadership Training Cohorts

In-house training & mentoring programmes (cohort style or accelerated)

Specialist Mentoring for Agile / Engineering Roles

Cadenced 6-month cycles of specialist coaching for Agile & Engineering leadership roles

Operational Excellence Facilitation and Advisory

Co-design of your continuous improvement framework and deployment of training, advisory support and event facilitation

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