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Applied Flow Fundamentals

Applied Flow Fundamentals

This course is a foundation course for organisations and practitioners looking to recalibrate and re-energise digital and agile transformation initiatives by applying Flow thinking.


3-day intense course or up to 6-month cohort style programme


Price varies based on formats, size and add-ons

Details of the curriculum: 

The Challenge:

Most organisations' transformation efforts have been focused on compliance to Agile methodologies from Scrum to scaling frameworks. Unfortunately, those frameworks were only delivery focused and did not engage people in thinking about business agility at the broader business level. This training revisits some foundations of excellence and opens up to organising Flow agility and its leadership. It is the perfect training to reboot an effort for meaningful change.

Training Objectives:

  • Recognise Flow and friction in your daily work

  • Learn to organise for Flow (alignment and operating model)

  • Understand how Flow reboots traditional Agile transformation efforts in support of genuine business agility and operational excellence

  • Appreciate the change in leadership styles and how to stimulate teamwork collaboration

  • Become a change agent of Flow in your business

Training Outcomes:

By completing the curriculum, participants will: 

  • See Flow (and friction) to value-add

  • Connect and improve alignment of people to support more effective work and better value-add

  • Identify improvement opportunities by applying and driving on-going improvements

  • Bring intentionality in relationships in favour of collaboration

  • Reflect on your leadership and actively look to develop

Training Coverage:

The training covers a breath of different dimensions that support Flow: 

  • Introduction to Flow Thinking 

  • Organising for operational excellence

  • Designing the Organisation for Flow

  • Designing the Operating Model for Flow

  • Developing a modern Systemic Leadership and Teamwork Collaboration

  • Distributing the strategy

Although the coverage is quite considerable and will challenge most practitioners and employees, the curriculum can be complemented with masterclasses and deep-dive applied workshops in each area. 

Training Approach:

The training maximises back-of-the-room training concepts. Research has established that people learn best through social interaction and practice. For this reason, the training sessions use exercises in small breakout groups. 

In the cohort format, we also encourage practice and reflection in regular mentoring calls, which help anchor the learnings in practice. 

Training format:

Cohort format: We recommend that organisations purchase this training in a cohort format, allowing them to pace the learning over three to six months. We can adopt the cohort format to the specific constraints of time that your team may be facing. Please discuss it with us. 

The cohort format includes six half-day training sessions and six associated 1-hour mentoring calls on alternate schedules to the training sessions. All the sessions are virtual on Zoom and make use of Miro boards. The participants are also given associated reading and video materials to further their exploration. As an add-on option, we can arrange one-to-one mentoring/coaching parallel to the training. 

Accelerated format: It is also possible to run this training in an accelerated format over three days - ideally in person (or another accelerated schedule suited to virtual learning). 

Given the importance of implementing the learning, we strongly recommend running an associated one-to-one Mentoring/Coaching or Group Mastermind post-training if this option is preferred. 

Professional services that align with this training: 

Value Stream Change Programmes

Long-lived tailored programmes refreshed in 6-month increments

Specialist Mentoring for Agile / Engineering Roles

Cadenced 6-month cycles of specialist coaching for Agile & Engineering leadership roles

Corporate Keynotes and Executive Briefings

Corporate keynote talks to ignite change, focus strategy or introduce an event

In-house Leadership Training Cohorts

In-house training & mentoring programmes (cohort style or accelerated)

Measuring Coaching Effectiveness

Focused intervention to deploy SenseMaker pulses for measuring the coaching effectiveness. We can also make it continuous with the SenseMaker "genba" deployment

Professional Change Agent Training

Public training & mentoring programmes (cohort style or accelerated)

Operational Excellence Facilitation and Advisory

Co-design of your continuous improvement framework and deployment of training, advisory support and event facilitation

Coaching Programme Design and Supervision

Co-creation of Coaching programmes to your needs and supervision to run them

Facilitation of in-house Guilds

1-year programme of facilitating your in-house Guilds with regular meetup events

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