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Training programmes:

Leadership of collaborative organisation systems

Leadership of collaborative organisation systems

This course brings together all the latest thinking and practices in terms of new Systemic Leadership. It is designed to be modular and flex to your needs.


Modular course of 12 modules, customised to your needs


Price varies based on the number of modules deployed and format.

Details of the curriculum: 

The Challenge:

What's common across Agile and digital transformations? Well, both have largely missed that they were BUSINESS and LEADERSHIP transformations. Unfortunately, they have been mainly focused on process changes and technology delivery, leading to being generally isolated into the technology departments. As a result, they have not had the expected impact, and the real change has often yet to be started.

Training Objectives:

We offer such comprehensive change programmes, and this training is at the heart of the needed evolution of the leaders' beliefs, behaviours and practices in such programmes. 

  • Understand the new constraints of complexity in business, 

  • Establish a different systemic perspective in leadership in favour of supporting collaboration in teams and across teams, 

  • Learn aspects of becoming a systemic leader or a leader that positively develops the dynamics of teams, 

  • Develop new skills inspired by coaching competencies in leadership, 

  • Make this leadership matter in collaborating to deliver work and, most importantly, shape and collaborate on strategy and excellence, 

  • Appreciate how systemic leadership supports and delivers agility and flow.

Training Outcomes:

By completing the curriculum, participants will: 

  • Reflect and unlearn traits of classic leadership, which are becoming anti-patterns of effective leadership in digital, knowledge, complex business, 

  • Replace anti-patterns with new Systemic Leadership patterns, 

  • Develop an ability to make sense of the complex context and make better decisions in it while derisking decisions in their business, 

  • Discover ways of being intentional and structured to develop team health and performance, 

  • Develop more potent, more creative and more resilient teams and systems, 

  • And a more resilient leadership as well. 

Training Coverage:

The training is extensive and modular. We will discuss your leadership challenges and combine the relevant modules to your needs, or we may also run it as a continuous leadership education. 

  • We meet with some of your leadership, and with the Learning & Development and People Success leaders,

  • We "go genba" in a few team meetings across the business (ie. we go and observe the dynamics of team sessions, specifically sessions intended to be collaborative),

  • We co-design a training programme with you, which is generally combined with a coaching programme (group or individual), 

  • We structure the programme, match the coaches, and run the programme, 

  • We establish a review of the programme and can deploy a measurement framework using narrative techniques such as SenseMaker.

Training Approach:

The best way to learn is to have a social experience and put it into practice. We maximise the social interactions during the training modules, using collaborative exercises and "back-of-the-room" techniques. 

We also arrange regular reflections with mentoring and mastermind calls to encourage putting the learning into practice and stimulate peer sharing/learning.

Training format:

The training is adapted to your needs from the available modules and the additional mentoring support. 

The training may be run virtually, preferably using a cohort format, alternating training sessions and reflection circles about putting the learning into practice. Given that this training will call for profound challenges of beliefs and leadership practices, we recommend to take the time and run it in such a way over a few months or even a year.

We can offer this training as accelerated learning (virtual or in-person) followed by a series of reflection circles run virtually. However, in this case, it is essential to arrange the follow-up support to anchor the learnings.

Professional services that align with this training: 

Value Stream Change Programmes

Long-lived tailored programmes refreshed in 6-month increments

Specialist Mentoring for Agile / Engineering Roles

Cadenced 6-month cycles of specialist coaching for Agile & Engineering leadership roles

In-house Leadership Training Cohorts

In-house training & mentoring programmes (cohort style or accelerated)

Specialist Systemic Leadership Coaching

Cadenced 6-month cycles of one-to-one Leadership coaching with systemic focus

Coaching Programme Design and Supervision

Co-creation of Coaching programmes to your needs and supervision to run them

Measuring Coaching Effectiveness

Focused intervention to deploy SenseMaker pulses for measuring the coaching effectiveness. We can also make it continuous with the SenseMaker "genba" deployment

Systemic and Team Coaching Programmes

Custom cadence of sessions with existing teams, new teams and system entities

Corporate Keynotes and Executive Briefings

Corporate keynote talks to ignite change, focus strategy or introduce an event

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