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Training programmes:

Leadership of Operational Excellence

Leadership of Operational Excellence

This course develops the foundational practices of Operational Excellence and its leadership


Modular course of 6 modules, customised to your needs


Price varies based on the number of modules deployed and format.

Details of the curriculum: 

The Challenge:

As organisations' software and digital needs are growing ever more significant, the load of technical debt seems to develop even faster, and the ability to progress is slowly grinding to a stop. Even after a decade of DevOps, organisations seem powerless to upturn this course. Tackling technical debt is not about technology but addressing the operational debt that generates it, the bad choices and the decisions that don't happen. Paradoxically, the practices of continuous improvements (or Kaizen) generally receive poor attention and are poorly implemented in digital teams. Time to realign!

Training Objectives:

  • Reconnect teams and their leadership with effective retrospectives and taking action,

  • Design and operate a quality framework supported by measures and transparency, 

  • Consider broader systemic perspectives on quality and improvements (eg. Product level / Engineering level / User Experience / etc.),

  • Develop cadences of collaboration over excellence at various scales and scopes of the organisation system,

  • Develop the leadership of excellence and continuous improvements.

Training Outcomes:

By completing the curriculum, participants will: 

  • Run better retrospectives in the participants' teams,

  • Understand everybody's role in Quality,

  • Appreciate how Flow and Quality are closely connected,

  • Develop better ownership and leadership of Quality,

  • Organise continuous improvement practices across the broader system, 

  • Stimulate collaboration and the organisation of intentional diversity in problem-solving. 

Training Coverage:

The training is designed to be modular: 

  • We meet with some of your team and team-of-teams leadership (functional or value streams) and discuss the challenges of quality,

  • We "go genba" in several retrospectives (ie. we go and observe the dynamics of team sessions such as retrospectives and quality circles),

  • We review the measure and control framework for quality,

  • We recommend a series of training modules that fit your needs (and budget) and position the course in parallel to your efforts for improvements. 

  • If you do not have a programme for deploying Operational Excellence activities, we also offer a broader service to help you deploy one. 

Training Approach:

The best way to learn is to have a social experience and put it into practice. We maximise the social interactions during the training modules, using collaborative exercises and "back-of-the-room" techniques. 

We also arrange regular reflections with mentoring and mastermind calls to encourage putting the learning into practice and stimulate peer sharing/learning.

Training format:

The training is adapted to your needs from the available modules and the additional mentoring support. 

The training may be run virtually, preferably using a cohort format, alternating training sessions and reflection circles about putting the learning into practice. 

We can also offer this training as accelerated learning (virtual or in-person) followed by a series of reflection circles run virtually.

Professional services that align with this training: 

Value Stream Change Programmes

Long-lived tailored programmes refreshed in 6-month increments

Specialist Systemic Leadership Coaching

Cadenced 6-month cycles of one-to-one Leadership coaching with systemic focus

In-house Leadership Training Cohorts

In-house training & mentoring programmes (cohort style or accelerated)

Operational Excellence Facilitation and Advisory

Co-design of your continuous improvement framework and deployment of training, advisory support and event facilitation

Systemic and Team Coaching Programmes

Custom cadence of sessions with existing teams, new teams and system entities

Facilitation of in-house Guilds

1-year programme of facilitating your in-house Guilds with regular meetup events

Specialist Mentoring for Agile / Engineering Roles

Cadenced 6-month cycles of specialist coaching for Agile & Engineering leadership roles

Corporate Keynotes and Executive Briefings

Corporate keynote talks to ignite change, focus strategy or introduce an event

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