Workshops and Offsites

Strategy and operational excellence are at the core of the alignment of the work system.

facilitation of the Digital Strategy

The strategy is often the forgotten piece of transformations. The strategy is an enabler of team autonomy. People need to participate in the strategic process to gain context. They also bring emergence to the process.


  • Tailored type of engagement

  • Intensity and length depends on the context, skills and urgency

  • Clarifying the challenges

  • Discussing the tools and approach (Maps / xMatrix)

  • Education to the techniques and the patterns

  • Intense off-sites (or series of workshops) to achieve a baseline

  • Check-in on progress / adapt the approach

  • Cadence of refreshes​

Training journeys to combine with the workshops:

  • Digital strategy using Wardley Maps

  • Strategy deployment using xMatrix + OKRs

  • Digital organisation design and operating model

Facilitation of THE Operational excellence

Operational excellence is an excellent way of creating alignment in the work system and resolving the constraints that block the agility. 


  • Initial review of excellence (interviews/observations)

  • Lean-Agile Agendashift assessment + Workshop

  • Co-creating an approach based on the situation

  • Education to an operational excellence culture

  • Facilitation with multi-teams/operational teams



  • Mapping the Flow + Flow improvement considerations

  • Situational awareness of the practices

  • Focus ​on quality and continuous improvements (Kaizen) in engineering teams

  • Focus on agility and shaping the work as valuable increments in business and product management teams

Training journeys to combine with the workshops:

  • Operational excellence - Continuous improvements, Flow, Kaizen

  • Operational excellence - Agility

Co-creation of Engaging Workshops and Off-sites

(even virtually)

Co-creation of advanced workshops and off-sites (including virtual workshops) to guarantee the maximum engagement of the participants and optimum collaboration


  • Engagement ahead of the workshop

  • Clarification of objectives, audience, landscape

  • Design of structure & timings

  • Design of the supporting material and exercises

  • Design of the production (VC / Collaborative space / Producer / instructions / etc)

  • Facilitation / production / notes. 

  • We can also co-facilitate or observe your facilitation and provide feedback



  • Mixing standard facilitation, systemic facilitation and complex facilitation

  • Use full VC capabilities and workspace collaboration

  • Workshop arc with divergent/convergent cycles

  • Ensuring forward action

  • Educating and training you in practice


Additional optional training module:

  • Remote facilitation, Web events that engage (licensed from ReesMcCann)