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Henko's Top Tips - "What does good look like in Digital Leadership?"

Updated: Jan 8

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Top Tip - What good looks like in Digital Leadership?

During our work, we encounter day-to-day challenges that get in the way of meaningful change.

We are asked questions to overcome those challenges, and often measure how difficult it is for leaders to get to see their situation and the solutions in new ways.

Top Tip question:

"What good looks like in organisation and operating model change for digital leadership?"

Decades of consulting support have programmed leaders to value this view. After it comes the setting of the roadmap and marching everybody towards that goal.

Change, however, does not work like that anymore, and it is debatable if it ever did. Nevertheless, it sure makes the success of consultancies and ill-conceived models, playing on the fears of leadership overloaded with delivery and too many fires to extinguish.

With increasing complexities in organisations, market ecosystems, AND the need for agility, the future should only be directional. What's more important is to understand your present situation well, and it is where there is often much lack of clarity.

Many assumptions are made, and much chaos resides. Jabe Bloom talks about your "ideal present". Dave Snowden considers the "evolutionary potential of the present". Your present situation is your starting point.

The likelihood is that it would be too disruptive to change everything in one go anyway. So, best to start by understanding your problems and solving them. Significant changes materialise from a series of continuous effective changes. Kaizen your way to your transformation!

It also means that help is not coming from outside, using out-of-context ready-made recipes. Context is king, and only you and your people have it. The capabilities must be ramped up on the inside, and organisations must completely rewire to merge digital technology in their business value chains. The nature of the assistance is more "systemic coaching" than "consulting". If bringing in the Big5s was the norm, as an assurance against sacking, times are likely to change...

Yet, I will answer the "What good looks like" question with my classic response: Continuous Cadence of Everything. Continuous strategy, continuous Flow, continuous improvements and continuous work on people development & stimulation of teamwork collaboration. That will get you to a Flow-agility performance.

If this challenger tip speaks to you, and you want to know more, don't hesitate to get in touch.


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