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Next generation leadership training

Henko brings training to new concepts in new ways. Our training offerings aim to move you away from the traditional "methodified" Agile approaches and the poor effectiveness of LMS (Learning Management Systems). 

Over 70% of companies rely on LMS. Platforms provide an easy and cheap solution to offer self-paced continuous learning. However, though it is logistically convenient to procure, it is poorly effective: 

  • ​Only 6.5% of the students tend to complete the courses they started,

  • 87% of the content is forgotten within a month of the training, 

  • 80% of the skills are lost within a week if not put into practice. 

(sources - Katy Jordan's research and Imparta report)


We offer an alternative with cohort-based programmes that provide the surrounding support to socialise the learning and apply in practice.


Unique Content

Our content is the next level in Leadership development, Flow Thinking, Strategy, Agile roles, Coaching competencies, etc.


Continuous Journeys

We believe that personal development should be continuous and so should the training. Bite size learning is also the best way to bring into practice.


Modular Options

We have a quantity of training modules that we can combine in different ways to accommodate your specific needs and circumstances. 


Stimulating Reflections

In Knowledge Work it is essential to reconnect people, teams, leadership with "Thinking". Our trainings follow this coaching ethos. 

Community engagement

Digital Leadership Network

Henko is the sponsor and an active core member of the Digital Leadership Network. We offer free meetups and accessible training/coaching into the community for practitioners and businesses that want to trial on a public course. 

Please visit for upcoming events:

Our courses

Please see below the training courses that you can commission in your own business. We are also sponsor (generally free) meetup events on those themes and are starting to organise courses in the public. Please see our calendar of training events to inquire and sign-up.

Applied Flow Fundamentals

Applied Flow Fundamentals

This course is a foundation course for organisations and practitioners looking to recalibrate and re-energise digital and agile transformation initiatives by applying Flow thinking.

Leadership of Operational Excellence

Leadership of Operational Excellence

This course develops the foundational practices of Operational Excellence and its leadership

Coaching Change with Agendashift for Professional Coaches

Coaching Change with Agendashift for Professional Coaches

This course is a specialist course for Professional Coaches looking to facilitate organisational change with specialist coaching approaches and techniques

Digital Thinking Curriculum

Digital Thinking Curriculum

This course is an entry level course visiting the essential elements of digital change. It complements admirably hands-on tech training, familiarising people to work in team, understanding the Agile SDLC, doing quality, etc.

Agile Effectiveness

Agile Effectiveness

This course is a must for Agile practitioners and Leaders and revisits all the Agile practices with a focus on stimulating performance, collaboration and genuine agility

Strategy Mapping Fundamentals (Wardley Maps)

Strategy Mapping Fundamentals (Wardley Maps)

This course is an accelerated course to get you to use Wardley Maps in your Strategy

Leadership of collaborative organisation systems

Leadership of collaborative organisation systems

This course brings together all the latest thinking and practices in terms of new Systemic Leadership. It is designed to be modular and flex to your needs.

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