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Upskilling self to continue performing in complex digital business

As a leader or a change practitioner, Agile and digital transformations have dominated the past 20 years, for good and bad. Many organisations have benefited from working in shorter iterations and organising more frequent collaborative events, even if many do not realise it. 

It is also fair that many organisations have only gone so far, and the realised benefits are falling far from the starting expectations. Now that they are hitting a ceiling, where do they go? Will a "better" Agile interest them? We know many places where the word comes with some stigmas. Some are even looking to return to classic waterfall projects. 

The need for agility has not diminished; quite the opposite. As a Leader, where do you go next? As a practitioner, how do you help organisations take the next step? What is this next set of skills and practices to develop your continued relevance in the industry? 

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Henko is the industry's innovator for the leadership of the digital age and the next generation professional services

From the start, we built Henko and our professional services by taking a systemic perspective. It was apparent long ago that the transformation efforts in many organisations would end up poorly. 
Many focused on the means and lost sight of the outcomes. The work often failed to address the right systemic scale and ended up addressing delivery instead of taking a broader business perspective of creating Flow and strategies that win. 
Flow is more systemic in nature. Flow marries and balances operational excellence and innovation. Both go hand in hand. Excellence frees the capacity to focus on creating new value. Both can build on each other. 
We help you build the skills to do so, too. Flow is not one method but an assemblage of many practices that must come together coherently. We work on this entanglement with a focus on four key dimensions: 
  • Creating Flow through the alignment of teams and synchronisation of connections in the enterprise,
  • Stepping up the attention to operational excellence by educating people to see problems and engage in collaborative activities to resolve them continually,
  • Coaching the relationships in the teams and across the teams, as well as developing a more "systemic" leadership, 
  • Having more people contributing to and working from a "continuous strategy" to achieve genuine business agility.
We develop your toolset and your stance to progress those next-generation skills. 

Getting started on your challenge

We offer insightful talks and workshops as part of the Digital Leadership Network ( Those events are generally free of cost.

We offer special training masterclasses in Flow, Strategy and Change. Please see our training section for the next available dates. 

We offer direct coaching and supervision for leaders and practitioners. We can do this in the context of specialist programmes for Agile roles and Engineering leadership. 

Henko direct training & coaching

Filter the results by focus areas: 

Professional Change Agent Training

Professional Change Agent Training

Public training & mentoring programmes (cohort style or accelerated)

Strategy for Self - Career Coaching using Strategy Maps

Strategy for Self - Career Coaching using Strategy Maps

Series of focused sessions live-mapping your landscape using Wardley Maps to figure your next career move

Specialist Mentoring for Agile / Engineering Roles

Specialist Mentoring for Agile / Engineering Roles

Cadenced 6-month cycles of specialist coaching for Agile & Engineering leadership roles

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