About Henko  

More than a word, henkō is a concept that refers to changes in perception, in our way of seeing things.


Henko was created in 2017 in response to the need for enterprises to evolve rapidly in the digital landscape. Methods based approaches have not delivered successful change due to their systemic limitations. We are set to help our clients overcome such challenges, change what they are seeing, and re-engineer the DNA of their organisations for a successful digital future. 


We bring a people and leadership based approach. We help you build in-house competencies and practices so that you can drive your own unique digital alignment. We help you make sense of digital, realign and adapt in faster changing environments, where the only certainty is that business & technology will increasingly merge in your value chains. 

Henko is a unique breed of professional services that mix purposeful facilitation, high-end new digital approaches and professional systemic coaching to work effectively with your teams and leadership.

Henko helps Startups ride a successful growth journey with a focus on evolving their organisation, strategy and leadership through growth. 

Henko helps larger organisations, corporates and banks recalibrate / energise / refocus / start-first-time-right (choose what applies best!) their change programmes consisting in realigning business and technology to work effectively together. 

henko's team & partners

Henko's team and associates are all exceptional people in terms of experiences and competencies. More importantly we strongly believe that the sum is much greater than the parts. We value and favour diversity and collaboration as our default way of working.  When you work with us, we aim to bring such approach into your teams and achieve amazing partnerships. 

Please see below a few of our amazing people: 

Philippe Guenet.jpg

Philippe Guenet


Digital Leadership Change Coach

Philippe has 25 years of experience in digital change and professional services and worked with large corporates and banks. Philippe managed teams in the hundreds adopting lean-agile ways of working by default. Philippe created Henko to help clients address the systemic challenges of change and embrace new approaches to leading. Philippe is coaching digital leadership, facilitating digital strategy, systemic leadership, digital organisation design and digital operational excellence. Philippe is ORSC Certified systemic coach, ICF ACC.


Liz Wren

Leadership and Systemic Team Coach

Liz has over 30 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and business owner. Since successfully growing and selling two of her own businesses 10 years ago, she has focused her attention and energy on supporting others to navigate the growth path for their businesses and careers. She is a qualified coach and systemic relationship coach (ORSC), working with leaders and business teams to create stronger relationships, higher-performance, employee engagement and change management.


Steve Williams


Lean-Agile Change Coach

Steve Williams is a highly experienced engineering professional who has been involved in managing software development teams and building cultures in which they thrive for more than 15 years. Steve has worked in several multi-national businesses, helping build agile capability at scale and coaching within international programmes. Steve specialises in helping organisations adopt new techniques and tools.  He firmly believes in encouraging curiosity, ownership and leadership at all levels.

Portrait Jo.jpeg

Jo Wright


Leadership and Systemic Team Coach

Jo is a highly engaging Facilitator and Coach who delights in getting the best out of people and step-changing performance. After 15 years commercial experience in major FMCG sales and marketing, Jo took the plunge and set up her own business to focus on what she's really passionate about:  Helping organisations, teams and individuals have the important and meaningful conversations that drive passion, performance and connection.  Jo is a Licensed Practitioner of Insights Discovery®, a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, fully trained to ORSC and ICF ACC coach. 


Mike Burrows


Agendashift Partner

Mike is the founder of Agendashift and a close framework partner of Henko. Mike can support our engagements when using Agendashift survey and workshops. Mike has got practical experience of leading large-scale teams in banks and is a credible advisor to senior leaders. Mike is a global leader on Kanban, having written one of the reference books on the subject: Kanban from the inside » Mike would participate from ad-hoc workshop interventions to end-to-end assistance.

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