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Volunteer Community Managers

Volunteer community manager roles available for developing the Digital Leadership community. Multiply your learning and development by getting involved.

Volunteer Community Managers

Description of the role

We are looking for several volunteer community managers to help us develop the Digital Leadership community.

The role of community manager involves:

  • Working in a team of two to four other peers to generate activity in one of the four pillars of the community (i.e. Strategy, Flow Alignment, Leadership and Collaboration, Digital Excellence).

  • Stimulating conversation in the community forum by launching discussion topics and calling out the experts for their contributions.

  • Establishing a schedule of meetups across the year, themes of the meetups, identification of speakers and organisation of the logistics.

  • Offering an article periodically for the newsletter, using insights from some research done as a team or summarising previous meetups.

  • Working with the other pillars to establish the coherence of the overall Digital Leadership schedule and messaging.

Desired skills and competencies

The role does not have specific pre-requisite for competencies, though it helps if you have researched and experienced in the theme/pillar that you would be focusing on. 

It will need plenty of passion and interest in the topic, however, and the desire to be a team player, hold yourself accountable to other team members and uphold a strong level of professionalism with the community. 

Additional information

The role is on a volunteering basis for now.

Many benefits will develop for you from such an engagement:

  • You will be exposed to advanced thinking in Digital Leadership.

  • You will work with the techniques we preach around collaboration, flow, and advanced topics in leadership.

  • We will be kept up to date with all the activities and develop your understanding much faster as an organiser compared to being only a participant.

  • We will offer preferential offers to this team for testing and attending courses ahead of the market, allowing you to be a step ahead.

If you have your content, we will consider offering your courses on the platform as a marketplace and with a revenue-share arrangement.

As we will be converting and developing courses, you will be invited to participate, support such developments and take advantage of revenue sharing.

Eventually, as other monetisation possibilities will emerge in the form of client work or paid services, you will be the first people considered to support those.

If interested, please get in touch:

Thanks for your application!

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