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Developing a Continuous Strategy Operating Model for Agile Business using xMatrix

Updated: Jan 5

Learn to distribute the strategy across the Enterprise using the xMatrix and develop a Continuous Strategy Operating Model in support of Business Agility.

Recording of a meetup with Matt Fleming from our partner i-nexus.

This LIVE session offers an introduction to strategy deployment in Agile with a view to achieve business agility.

Tailor-made for practitioners and leaders alike, whether you're a seasoned Agile expert or just starting your journey, this webinar helps you understand the impact of bringing strategy into your agility efforts and how you can leverage the x-matrix to do it effectively across the enterprise.

The challenge: Making OKRs work in the Agile spaceOKRs are a great framework to get alignment on goals. But the theory is difficult to bring into practice. Between setting clear goals as leader's intents, and leaving room for team autonomy, it is often a case of too much or not enough. Getting OKRs right feels like an art, more than a science. But it doesn't have to be the case.

The solution: Enter Hoshin Kanri's x-matrixThe xMatrix and adopting the practices of Hoshin in an emergent / Agile way drastically help in structuring, facilitating and collaborating and defining and progressing OKRs.

In the world of Lean Thinking, Hoshin Kanri and its xMatrix have stood as pillars of strategic excellence. And those practices and tools can equally serve in the Agile age.

Join us as Matt and Philippe will discuss how Hoshin's xMatrix can create an environment for strategic collaboration, alignment, and agility at enterprise level.

What to expect:

🔎 Spot your OKR gaps: Hear from Philippe on what the common issues are with OKRs in an Agile setting, and how you can spot them sooner.

🤝 Collaboration and alignment: Join Matt as he explores how using Hoshin Kanri's xMatrix for OKR planning creates collaboration and laser-sharp strategic alignment across your organization.

🎯 Continuous strategy operating model explained: Finish off the session with a primer on how to take these learnings and adopt a continuous approach to strategy execution where you can frequently review your OKRs and strategic plan for greater business outcomes..


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