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Beyond your SWOT diagrams and OKRs, create Winning Strategies using Wardley Maps

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Learn to create winning strategies with Wardley Maps and depart on from old school techniques such as SWOT or OKRs

A meetup with Johan Persson from Rhubarbs in December 2023.

Although strategy has been a topic of much research since the 1960s, it is almost shocking to consider that 60 years on, most organizations still rely on SWOT diagrams and PESTLE approaches to plan their future.

Executives are asked to document the output from these approaches, often to justify choices already made, for set plans and budgets. Then, they wrap some measures around said choices and call them OKRs to give some sense of modernity. Is this good Strategy?

Strategy is about establishing meaning before action, yet how strategies are constructed today feels shallow and superficial. The reason being that there is a shortcut: going from observation to action without much dive into orienting or making decisions (with reference to the OODA loop).

So, how do you design more meaningful & powerful strategies? During this meetup, we will explore how to use Wardley Maps to substantially inform your orientation and decision choices.

This meetup is designed for people in leadership, from mid-management to senior leadership. It is also suitable for team leaders, product/service managers, or people looking to grow into those roles. It is also useful for people working in startups or the investment ecosystem.

During this meetup, we will offer a taster to Wardley Maps and help you recognize how they may substantially improve your decision-making abilities and help you harness input from teams and create alignment. You would be welcome to join our training cohorts that we’ll aim to start in early 2024.

Your Hosts

The meetup will be co-hosted by Philippe Guenet and Johan Persson, both are active members of the #WardleyMapsForBusiness global group and active mappers and speakers in the field of modern, agile Strategy.

Philippe Guenet is a performance coach in digital business with a focus on supporting clients progressing the next level of their digital/agile transformations. Philippe works with organisations of all sizes, Corporates, Banks and Startups, to help them with performance of their teams and leadership. Prior to this, Philippe worked as an executive director in prime consultancies and supported large scale digital delivery leadership with clients such as Barclays or Vodafone, and digital strategy/Change programmes as advisory to CIOs, CTOs and digital officers (Ladbrokes, M&S, O2, etc.). Philippe also establishes a new stance in professional services and holds formal qualifications as a Professional Coach (PCC) and Team/System Coach (ACTC) with the ICF (International Coaching Federation), of which Philippe is also director of thought leadership in the UK. Philippe started mapping almost a decade ago and has trained people to map running courses on O'Reilly Media. Philippe helps organisations redesign their strategy elaboration and deployment with advanced techniques enabling agile, dynamic and emergent strategy operating models.

Johan Persson is a Swedish technology and business development expert with a strong background in strategic innovation and decision making. Holding a Master's in Engineering Physics and an MBA from INSEAD, Johan combines technical expertise and business acumen to drive growth across various industries. As a co-founder at Rhubarbs, he delivers insights and solutions to clients in communications technology, major industrial companies, and telecoms. His work history includes successfully leading Linervent AB from development to full business launch as CTO at HWQ Group and co-founding NanOsc AB, where he developed a prototype nano-oscillator for the space industry. Johan's passion for innovation, results-driven approach, and commitment to creating lasting value make him a valuable asset in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.


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