Teachings from the story of Porsche for Digital transformations

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

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Teachings from the story of Porsche for Digital transformations

This presentation was informed by some research on the German car manufacturer Porsche, a factory visit and a information publicly shared by their consulting arm.

Porsche, a brand that we have used to associate with luxury sports cars, great engineering and financial performance, was facing some serious financial difficulties in the 1990s. In fact, they almost went bankrupt. They have since recovered to become the most profitable car-maker in the world and are passionately embracing change for the future with the MissionE / Taycan which will be their first fully electric vehicle.

This journey was one of operational excellence, coached by the best Japanese Lean Senseis from Toyota. Porsche did not just apply processes but embraced the culture. This is a fascinating story because they were not born from it, they had to learn and transform at scale. It is also interesting because fixing production was not an end in itself, but the start of an innovation journey that got Porsche to where they are today, and looking ahead into the future. Yes, the 911 is the iconic model, but the SUVs are c. 70% of the volume, and the Taycan is a most significant investment.

Much can be learnt from this journey for Digital IT. How to enable innovation from operational excellence. Agile and Lean working hand in hand.

This talk can be replayed for in-house talks with Companies that need to reboot their change effort. We can also arrange a Factory visit with Porsche in Germany if a senior leadership team needed to see this for themselves.

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