Kaizen and Systemic Management for Digital change

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

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Source : Podcast recorded by FirstHuman

Please see below an embedded video from YouTube recorded as a Podcast from First Human.

In this podcast we talk about Systemic Management and how the culture of Kaizen as practiced in the Toyota Production System offers a valid model for systemically scaling approaches to Lean and Agile alike.

We cover:

– The importance of coaching the “system” over the individual – The meaning of “Kaizen” – The issue with corporate coaches – How the Agile industry is getting corrupted

Some of the content made reference to the excellent book from Bob Emiliani, Katsusaburo Yoshino and Rudy Go - Kaizen Forever, teachings of Chihiro Nakao.

For more links:

https://www.firsthuman.com/ – FirstHuman who did the recording

http://www.firsthuman.com/podcast/32-kaizen-forever-with-philippe-guenet/ - actual link https://amzn.to/2yayEz3 – Kaizen Forever https://www.crrglobal.com/ – Home of ORSC