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Strategy for Self - Career Coaching using Strategy Maps

Professional services:

Strategy for Self - Career Coaching using Strategy Maps

Service type:

Leadership & Team Coaching


Series of focused sessions live-mapping your landscape using Wardley Maps to figure your next career move


Price guide - c £2,500. Please enquire



Details of the service:

Those coaching sessions merge a traditional coaching approach with the support of Wardley Maps, a frameworks for shapping strategy.

This service is called Strategy for Self and it is ideally positioned for supporting your career decisions.

We discuss your ambitions and go through the process of putting them into a map. This process will challenge your thoughts and build up on what skills, competences and potentially offerings you need to create.

No worries if you do not know how to map. Coachees do not need to know or learn how to map as the coach does this live (Wardley) mapping as part of the discussion.

As a framework it is very powerful to create strategies for businesses and it is equally powerful in creating strategies for individuals. The people that have tried it with us all discovered unique insights, which helped them make better moves in their career.

This process has been captured into a Whitepaper. Please see:

Training programmes that support this service: 

Strategy Mapping Fundamentals (Wardley Maps)

This course is an accelerated course to get you to use Wardley Maps in your Strategy

ICF (International Coaching Federation)

We are certified for professional and team coaching by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the main Global coaching body.

Wardley Maps

We use Wardley Maps for identifying value chains in organisation redesign as well as for strategy elaboration. 

Tools and practices used in this service: 

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