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Professional Change Agent Training

Professional services:

Professional Change Agent Training

Service type:

Flow Alignment, Continuous Strategy


Public training & mentoring programmes (cohort style or accelerated)


Dependent on training schedule. Please check the next available cohorts in the Training section



Details of the service:

This service is coming soon, in 2024, for public cohorts. Private cohorts can be commissioned now. We are in the process of validating this curriculum with ICF CCEUs (International Coaching Federation Continuous Coaching Education Units), which Coaches need to build up to maintain their credentials.

The Challenge:

If the past two decades of Agile and Digital change are anything to learn a lesson from, it is that classic change management approaches don't work for the modern complex challenges of businesses. Change is no longer about regimenting people to work in a set way. In the age of knowledge work, change is about reconnecting people with knowledge and thinking individually and collaboratively. Teams are not just about execution; they are also here to contribute to the decisions and the journey. So, for the right change, we also must change the classic approaches to it!

Training Objectives:

In this landscape, Agendashift offers a refreshing approach that does not look to template what the change should be but offers dialogic and generative patterns to facilitate people to design the change.

As the people collaboratively work through those patterns, they develop the solutions for their business and the skills to lead the change. Those skills are a key part of the change and build the resulting business they will become.

For coaches, this training offers a compliant and compatible approach to change in keeping with coaching competencies and modalities. Agendashift patterns bring generative images (equivalent to metaphors) and generative questions (or powerful questions) in structured exercises that stimulate the teams to own and shape their change. Agendashift is one of the few frameworks that combine a coaching approach with change, and it is a must for professional coaches who want to work in organisational change.

Please see the full details about the curriculum in our training section. The first cohorts will be announced there as well.

Training programmes that support this service: 

Applied Flow Fundamentals

This course is a foundation course for organisations and practitioners looking to recalibrate and re-energise digital and agile transformation initiatives by applying Flow thinking.

Coaching Change with Agendashift for Professional Coaches

This course is a specialist course for Professional Coaches looking to facilitate organisational change with specialist coaching approaches and techniques

The Flow System

We are qualified with the Flow System and it is core to all our offerings.

Wardley Maps

We use Wardley Maps for identifying value chains in organisation redesign as well as for strategy elaboration. 


We are approved practitioners & trainers of Agendashift. Agendashift offers great facilitated workshops for strategy, leadership and organisation alignment.

Digital Leadership Network

We are the founding partner of the Digital Leadership Network. 

Tools and practices used in this service: 

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