We upskill the Practices, People and Leadership in support of the performance of your digital business

Digital transformation efforts tend to focus on technology solutions and Agile methods. Businesses looking to get a step beyond aim to address Culture, Alignment, Flow, Excellence. Those often remain wishful as it is challenging to work with intangibles.

We offer just the services to make it possible.


Simple support models to address a point problem or start the journey

An initial workshop / (virtual) offsite to address a pressing challenge and get a feel for working with us. A first alignment workshop for a leadership team is a great starting point for instance. 

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alignment workshop / (virtual) offsite

Coaching a leader in the business is a great way to start establishing a sense of the challenges and how to approach them with the teams

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Leadership coaching

Advisory assessments give you a perspective on the dimensions to consider on your change journey and options to go and address them

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Advisory assessment

Special one-off trainings offer a great starting point to bring people up to speed on a specific topic brought into your context.

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Special Training

3 simple steps to get started

Choose a team, assemble a cohort or enable a key individual to work with us

Pick a challenge to address

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Training journeys offer a great starting point for scaled deployment. We train a cohort(s) on a theme with mentoring / coaching to stimulate adoption. 

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training Journeys

Ready programmes on specific themes to accelerate your journey

Systemic Programme with a leadership team to create continued alignment and focus on the challenges in play while developing Digital leadership skills. 

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Leadership Programme

Facilitated series of workshops mixing a training journey and effective facilitation of Digital strategy or alignment over Operational Excellence.

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Facilitated Strategy or Excellence

Coaching package of 1-to-1 coaching for a few key individuals in the business to develop their skills in support of wider programmes. 

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Coaching individuals

3 simple steps to get started

Identify the individuals, teams and communities that could benefit

Determine the focus areas

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Tailored Programmes

Special programmes for complex and systemic change roll-out

System entry is an initial engagement clarifying the landscape and co-creating the agenda and coaching for change. 

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System Entry co-design

Tailored programmes are multi-dimensional programmes customised to the need and availability of your work system.      More »


Please see below some examples:

Digital leadership »

Systemic alignment & collaboration » 

Digital strategy » 

Operational excellence »

Digital change & agility »

Remote working in COVID times » 

Tailored programmes

Structured reviews are integrated as part of the engagements so we inspect and adapt with a regular cadence. 

Structured reviews

3 simple steps to get started

Establish a point person in your organisation to co-create with us

Determine your challenges

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Soundbites from the people that worked with us

You have had a huge impact on the team as a whole as well as on my personal development

Thank you for all the help and support! I've learned lots and what's most important, I've learned that I need to learn much more

A big thanks for all the support and guidance you have given me over the last year. It's been a steep learning curve but having the opportunity to work through it with you has made a massive difference

The way you facilitated various Engineering session helped us in forming the strategy and we learnt some new tools

You were one of the few people who kept the leadership council honest. Your open questions made me think differently

You have made us think differently on various topics that helped us as individual and also the program