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The transformation journey can be daunting for some leaders that will unwillingly resist change. Individual coaching and mentoring programmes are designed to assist their journey, therefore facilitating the bigger change.

Leadership improvement KATA - Tailored coaching for a Leader to develop Digital Leadership competencies. This starts with the co-creation of a KATA to set an incremental 3-6 months journey. Periodic sessions offer a cadence of reflection and help along the journey. The progress of the KATA is assessed and a new KATA may be defined. 

Reflective space - Standard coaching / mentoring interventions with 60-90 min sessions, where the content is brought to the session by the coachee. Such sessions enable the coachees to pause and self-reflect, which they would not do without the structure and presence of a coach.

Lumina Spark individual portrait - Running and debriefing a Lumina Spark portrait, to pull on the strengths and watch out for blindspots. This can be done as a adhoc exercise or as an add-on to 1-to-1 coaching programmes.

Set Programmes - We designed a few set programmes for the demands of Digital Leaders: 

  • From Engineer to Team Leader / CTO

  • From Traditional to Digital Leader

  • Adopting a Coaching stance to Leadership

  • Regaining time


team coaching & workshops

Digital is a "team sport"! This is why most of our work will centre around systemic coaching & workshop facilitation. The Henko difference is the art of mixing the systemic coaching stance -establishing engagement of the people- and using purposeful tools in support of the enterprise change journey from strategy to operational excellence and new leadership. 

Setting the Coaching agenda - Most organisations are not used to coaching outside of HR. We offer an advisory service to map the system of work, review the alignment of teams and establish where and how the coaching can be deployed. This can be combined with Organisation Redesign work as well. 

Systemic coaching of leadership teams - Systemic coaching programmes for leadership teams to develop and improve their relationships and create a safe space of discussions & accountability.

Such workshops can be focused by pulse assessments such as MirrorMirror, SenseMaker(R), Agendashift, etc. that can reveal challenges as conversation prompts.

Systemic coaching of operational teams - Systemic coaching of operational or delivery teams. Such coaching enables better connections and clarity to develop more autonomy and accountability, which is a necessity for flatter organisations to function.

Facilitation of Strategy and/or Operational excellence - Workshops driving purposeful alignment over the shaping of the strategy, the deployment of the strategy, the operating model, or the Operational Excellence.

Tailored off-sites and workshops - Offsites and workshops specifically designed and facilitated to the challenges in hand. Such workshops balance coaching, education, systemic problem solving (or opportunity exploration), complex facilitation for emergent thinking, effective alignment for convergence into action. 

COVID special programmes - Special programmes to help teams and leadership work effectively from a remote first set-up. The programmes mix: 

  • Effective remote meetings that engage all

  • Team health to maintain sanity and develop autonomy

  • Leadership of change, using disruption to accelerate



Tailored in-house curriculums for talent development at all levels: Leaders, leadership teams, operational teams, centres of excellence, graduate or reskilling programmes, etc.


The trainings combined with all our programmes to bring education at individual, team or system level. 

We are offering a new approach with training journeys. The training is delivered over time and combined with mentoring & coaching to focus on adoption of of the training concepts. 

A-la-carte format - We recognise that most leaders may not have the time to spend in-classroom training and operational teams can be constrained too. The trainings can be distilled as bite-size series. 

Digital Thinking reskilling curriculum  - a 10-day curriculum for Digital reskilling programmes, graduate intake programmes and career changers. Can be combined with hiring support and a technical curriculum (with a partner).

Digital Leadership Foundations - 2-day module as a concentrated version of the Digital Thinking curriculum. Foundation course to other specific Digital Strategy and Systemic Leadership modules. 

Digital Strategy - Using strategic mapping to develop situational aware strategies. Learn how to do your first map, exploit movement and deploy your strategy (1 day essentials + advanced modules)

Systemic Leadership for Digital - Education and coaching programme to help Leaders develop systemic leadership skills, which are essential for a modern leader to lead knowledge work and develop autonomy of the teams.

Leadership in Ambiguity - The world is increasingly ambiguous and it is difficult for Leaders to tune up to working with ambiguity when all their instincts are to drive certainty. This course focuses on educating to Complexity Thinking applied into Leadership and is a must for any Leader to understand the need for business agility.


Partner Frameworks

We work with the following partners who offer a range of assessments and trainings in support of the programmes that we offer.

ORSC - Organisation Relationship System coaching »

Systemic coaching, team coaching,  leadership coaching, ICF approved.

Agendashift »

Assessment, Lean Agile change, workshop models.

Cognitive Edge »

Complexity education,  Cynefin, SenseMaker(R), trainings.

Wardley Strategy Mapping »

Strategy workshops, strategic mapping, training & mentoring.

Lumina Learning »

Individual portraits, strengths & growth areas in support of 1-to-1 and team coaching

MirrorMirror »

Alignment assessment tool for Leadership and Team coaching

Operational Excellence

We also use most mainstream Lean-Agile frameworks such as Scrum, SAFe, LeSS, Lean IT and have specific offerings in Kaizen and Alignment through Operational Excellence

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