We upskill the Practices, People and Leadership in support of the performance of your digital business

Digital transformation efforts tend to focus on technology solutions and Agile methods. Businesses looking to get much stronger outcomes aim to address Culture, Alignment, Flow and Excellence. Those often remain wishful as it is challenging to work with intangibles. We offer just the services to make it possible.

Advisory and
programme entry

Initial short discovery phase to baseline the situation and establish awareness on multiple dimensions of Digital leadership and Flow. This phase mixes interviews, workshops, team and individual coaching and optional use of assessment tools. The entry also focuses on starting an initial small increment of change with multiple levels of the organisation to gauge the real challenges in action. This phase aims to produce and approach to the change and a supporting coaching programme.  More involved advisory can also be commissioned for specialist topics like strategy or organisation design. 

Coaching teams (systemic coaching)

Most organisations recognise the need for better collaboration but have operating & behavioural models that go against it. Team coaching is still uncharted for many organisations, yet teamwork should be the default. In Henko, Team coaching (or Systemic coaching) is at the heart of everything we do. This includes leadership teams, multi-team-systems, operational or feature teams, etc. Effective teaming is also a fundamental foundation of Flow and developing Digital Leadership. We offer packages that mix teamwork development and purposeful focus on Flow, strategic alignment, or quality, engineering and operational excellence. 

Coaching individuals

Individual 1-to-1 coaching is used to facilitate the journey of some key people through the change. It is typically focused on key leaders or in coach-the-coach model for roles like scrum-masters, with a view to create leverage through the system. The programmes are custom to the individuals, though we see some recurring themes such as "From engineer to team leader", "Taking a coaching stance in leadership", "Positively dealing with ambiguity", "Recalibration of Lean-Agile working", etc

Purposeful Facilitation

We recognise the need for organisations to make effective progress with their change and the performance of the business. In fact, it is often necessary to realign the change agenda to the business performance agenda, as those have often veered off-track. This is why we bring purposeful focus mixed with the coaching. We assist the co-creation by the teams of the strategy, change for agility, alignment to the quality, etc. We use techniques that involve people in shaping the change and we achieve buy-in and intentionality in the process. We develop the people, practices, competencies alongside the solutions so the teams can self-sustain for the long-run. The facilitation also includes education to the techniques as learning is most effective through practice.

Training Journeys

A large industry of training has developed on the back of Agile, but the success in practice is still doubtful. Training in batch does not work so well. People enthusiastically learn but never really apply. Henko is recalibrating the delivery of training as a Flow. The training is distilled over a longer period of time at the pace that people can adopt. It is also supported by mentoring and coaching to anchor the learnings in practice.  We call those training journeys. People learn and apply in parallel. For organisations, this is a way to ensure a stronger development of their people, effectiveness in practice, while also spreading the cost of it over a few months. It also has the benefit of developing a continual learning culture.