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Strategy for Self - Personal development using Wardley Maps

Updated: Jan 15

Following our whitepaper on Personal Development using Wardley Maps, we ran a meetup to help the community experiment with the approach and follow the process of mapping for themselves.

We walked through it and how to start from your clients or your employers' needs. We walked through an example and invited those that joined the meet-up to follow the same steps.

After mapping the value chain of your client or potential employer, it is worth establishing where and how you may insert self to support the value chain.

Wardley Map view of a business and mapping self connecting into the value chains
Mapping self into your client / business / employer value chains to clarify where to play

Once there is an understanding of how to position into the value chains, you may pivot the view starting from your position. This is not the standard way to map, but it allows to explore while centering on self. You may map services to offer and then look at the constituent parts in the industry (please see below map).

View of a personal map identifying the services to develop and supply and the source elements of those
Identifying where to play / how to play in the landscape of the ecosystem

The position of the constituent parts on the maps is an indication of their maturity and how directly operable -or not- they may be for the clients/employer organisations. From such a view, you may consider how to intermediate access to this knowledge and adoption in practice.

The more the constituent parts are to the right of the map, the more the approaches will be established, sometimes methodified. In such case, it is worth training and certifying with those methods.

The more the constituent parts are to the left of the map and the more experimental and conceptual they may be. It will be about establishing services that enable practical understanding and adoption.

From this meetup, we concluded with the participants that the approach had good potential when coaching personal development. Psychometric tests, that are usually employed by coaches, tend to be limited to a normalised view point, maps on the other hand are highly tailored to the context of each individual. The process of mapping also generates the awareness.

If you wanted to explore more of a step by step guide, please download our Whitepaper on Strategy for self from our download area »

You may also watch below a public video, facilitating people through the process, during the mapcamp conference of the Wardley Maps for Business community.

Video courtesy of Wardley Maps for Business


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