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Digital Strategies - Live mapping workshop

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Cameo of images taken during the workshop
Going from concepts to practice with Wardley Maps

Digital Strategies and Wardley Maps are amongst our favourite topics, so we were delighted to be running this session. During the session we covered:

  • How Digital has emerged in Business and it is now core to the product/service mix

  • How many strategic frameworks are pre-digital and misadapted to this new complexity

  • How maps capture very well the digital plays

  • And we gave you a little practice to try mapping

We all agreed that mapping is not as simple as it looks, but this does not matter. Excellent discussions were had at every table. As Simon Wardley (the great inventor of mapping) says himself, all maps are wrong. **hint** it is the conversations that matters. With some practice  you will get much better at it.

As announced we will arrange a full training day to mapping in early October. More to follow on the subject when we will have secured a venue. We will offer spaces as priority to all whom registered their interest. If you know any leadership teams that would be interested in education & workshop please point them our way too.


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