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Rigth-to-Left - Outcome driven agility with Mike Burrows

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Sample result from polling our audience showing that most approaches are still left to right
Most organisations have some way to go to become Right-to-Left

A big thank you to Mike Burrows for coming to our meetup and share his perspective on Right-to-Left, Mike’s new book, and how to drive agility by focusing on outcomes.

If you were to talk to somebody about Legos. Where would you start from?

Would you start from the plastic granules that serve to make the blocs? Or would you talk about the wonderful creativity that kids (and older kids too 😊 ) can achieve from the finished bricks?

Now when you organise work in your teams, where do you start from?

Such a simple observation got us right into the subject.

In our work, much focus is placed into organising the chain of work, so much so that by the time it reaches the engineer that puts the software together, the flexibility to design for the outcome has gone away. Instead, we should look to rethink the value chains so that everybody is connected to the outcome. Then, people can work consistently at their best. Innovative ideas can emerge, people are happier, teams more effective.

Like all good innovation, the change will not happen from focusing on obstacles, nor it is a linear path. We need to work with the emergence and find the right path focusing on outcomes. Indeed, always looking to the Right.

Right-to-Left by Mike Burrows.

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Survey result from the audience showing that people are trying but only managing isolated successes
When the issues are systemic, it is difficult to land success in isolation

Survey result showing the most people think that organisations are nowhere near working at their full business and human potential
How much more would be possible if organisations explored their human potential?


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