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Visualise and align your Business' digital value chains for Flow, performance and innovation. 

Henko assists you making sense of digital alignment so you can lead, perform and disrupt in the modern economy


Digital businesses need faster and continual decision cycles in ambiguous landscapes. Business & technology have to work closely together and develop decision autonomy where the work happens. Leadership becomes distributed and systemic in a Multi-Team-System (MTS). Achieving such rebalance in the work system requires a recalibration of the managerial competencies: Digital Leadership.




Though technology matters, Digital strategy is much more than a backlog of technology initiatives. We help you build contextual awareness and design your digital strategy using value chains and Wardley Maps. We involve your leadership and teams into the strategic cycle as it reinforces alignment and autonomy. The strategy becomes more robust and executable in fast iterations. In digital, strategy is iterative and needs constant alignment. 




A foundation of Digital success is the ability to deliver technology effectively and limit technical debt. Most organisations are struggling to continually improve and are unable to increase the Flow in support of agility. Operational excellence is a culture built on developing behaviours.  We help build or rebuild this foundation applying Kaizen culture and aligning the teams over digital excellence



Henko continually offers pragmatic insights for real practical application in digital businesses 


Henko is the proud founder and the main organiser of London's Digital Leadership meetup with over 4,700 registered members.

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