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The business change coach

More than a word, henkō is a concept that refers to changes in perception, in our way of seeing things. We help you see your business change with new lenses so you can find the next level of performance.

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After 20 years in professional services, helping clients progress their digital initiatives, I realised that clients needed a different type of support.

What's so hard about digital is not delivering the next tech, nor "doing" agile. Modern businesses need to integrate technology in all their value chains. It requires rewiring organisations, realigning, and co-evolving the leadership, the collaboration and the operating model. And for this, it requires a new type of professional services' help. 

It is why I created Henko. We bring change from a new stance with specific techniques and professional coaching that develop in-house competencies and solutions simultaneously. 

Please get in touch to explore your next level in Digital Leadership transformation.

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ICF ACTC Certification
ORSC Certified
Flow System
Lean IT Kaizen

The Henko difference

Henko is reinventing professional services for modern businesses. We focus on the people and leadership sides of change and help clients organise for flow, excellence and agility. Our unique engagement style and approaches support meaningful and sustainable change.
Flow organisation

Flow "Sensei"

We bring to you advanced Flow thinking to reboot & re-energise your digital / Agile change efforts to the next level.

Master Yoda

Professional  Coaching

We hold professional coaching qualifications with ICF for leadership and especially for team & organisation coaching.

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Digital Native

With over 25 years of experience in digital, we know how to approach high-performing organisation & teams.

Remote working

Leadership Transformation

We train you with next generation content, only available to corporate & professional audiences working with us.

Community engagement

Digital Leadership Network

At Henko, we believe that, being in the business of Knowledge Work, we should share and stimulate knowledge. 

For this reason, we founded, developed, and now sponsor as an active core member, the Digital Leadership Network. We offer free meetups and accessible training/coaching to the community. Please visit:

Thank you for all the help and support! I've learned lots and what's most important, I've learned that I need to learn much more


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