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"We develop the Leadership that develops the solutions"

How may we help you today?

More than a word, henkō is a concept that refers to changes in perception, in our way of seeing things. We help you see your business change with new lenses so you can unleash the next level of performance.

Henko invents the
System for Change

Representation of the System for Change

Henko's System for Change is an integrated platform

to revolutionise Change services in complex Service & Tech businesses.

 Henko drives successful Change by making it  

Meaningful, Spirited and Talented !

 Our Platform for Change adjusts to your needs and scales from one practitioner to an entire integrated change programme, all in one place.

The Henko difference

We blend Coaching and Change Advisory in a one-stop-shop, enabling Change effectiveness, leadership development and sustainable performance.
Flow organisation

Flow "Sensei"

We bring to you advanced Flow thinking to reboot & re-energise your digital / Agile change efforts.

Master Yoda

Professional  Coaching

We bring a professional coaching approach to change (Accredited Coaches) to develop ownership & initiative.

Chess ruck piece and a target

Digital Native

With over 25 years of experience in digital, we know how to approach high-performing organisation & teams.

Remote working

Leadership Development

Our Platform for Change offers Coaches and Mentors and relevant facilitated activities, in an affordable package.

Thank you for all the help and support! I've learned lots and what's most important, I've learned that I need to learn much more


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