Coaching People & Leadership through Digital/Agile Change

Digital is deeply changing your business 

Visualise, rethink and align your Business' Digital value chains for flow and innovation. 

Like athletes or sports teams, all types of businesses can benefit from performance coaching in Digital.

Corporates face ever-increasing challenging times. The size of their system is getting in the way to change at scale and speed. Corporates need to get fit and lean fast. 

We support corporates with: 

  • Assessing the scale and entanglement of the systemic change

  • Finding pathways to accelerate​ change

  • Offering coaching assistance to operate in new organisation models successfully

  • Introduction of best practice agility

  • New techniques for strategy, leadership, collaboration & excellence


Startups have to be masters of navigating ambiguity and possibilities at the start of their business. They need to focus on their offering with flexibility to the weak signals from emerging opportunities. 

We support the startups with: 

  • Emerging effective emergent & adaptive operating models

  • Building a culture of excellence from the beginning

  • Developing strategic competencies (Mapping/Complexity) to spot opportunities

  • Developing the leadership to be ready for growth


Scale-Ups and Mid-Size Businesses have the most leverage toward making a big play. Scale-ups and mid-size companies can disrupt established players and industries with smart strategic moves. 

We support scale-ups and mid-size businesses with: 

  • Keeping collaboration and performance through growth

  • Developing leadership

  • Operating model across multi-teams

  • Retaining agility as the size grows

  • Keeping morale, preventing attrition and attracting talents

Scale-ups & Mid-Size

We also co-label our services via Consultancies, Resourcing Agencies, Venture Capitalists and Incubators to bring our innovative coaching, facilitation and advisory programmes to their clients/investments. It supports the Practices, Competencies and Leadership that should develop alongside the technical solutions. 

Professional Services


Digital businesses need faster and continual decision cycles in ambiguous landscapes. Business & technology have to work closely together and develop decision autonomy where the work happens. Leadership becomes distributed and systemic in a Multi-Team System (MTS). Achieving such rebalance in the work system requires a recalibration of the managerial competencies: Systemic Leadership.




Digital strategies are too often a backlog of (shiny new) technology initiatives. We help you build contextual awareness and design your Digital strategy using value chains and Wardley Maps. We involve your leadership and teams into the strategic cycle as it reinforces alignment and autonomy. The strategy becomes more robust and executable in fast iterations. In Digital, the strategy is an essential alignment tool. 




A foundation of Digital success is the ability to deliver technology effectively and control technical debt. Most organisations are struggling with legacy and unable to increase the delivery rate in support of agility. Operational excellence is a culture. We help build or rebuild this foundation applying Kaizen principles and aligning the teams over operational excellence




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