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Transformation story - putting the Clicks into the Chicken & Chips' business

It is not often that we get to share the work we do with clients as we keep this information confidential.

However, in this case, we got to co-present publicly at SEACON 2023 with the CTO the great work and progress we have enabled.

This transformation effort is true digital BUSINESS transformation, a concept that often get lost in the urge of delivering new cool technologies.

The start of the talk explains how the pandemic accelerated the digitalisation of an industry where technology was never a component of the business model. It is also a great opportunity to learn about Wardley Maps, which we use to explain what's happening.

We then explain the approach to driving Flow and making the change programme Agile. Agile for Agile sort of. It is not so much about planning to a target state, and instead we focus on key vectors (or pillars):

  • Designing Flow alignment and progressing the operating model,

  • Developing the leadership and the collaboration of the system (in and across teams),

  • Focusing a purposeful effort on operational excellence and designing this focus at system level,

  • Distributing the strategy across the system, making it more agile and emergent.

We won't spoil the show anymore for you, please watch the presentation, it is only 20 min and packed with tips for successful change.

Video - Courtesy and published by SEACOM - Study of Enterprise Agile Community

20 min length.


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