Talk - State of Agile using Wardley maps

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Evolution of Agile on Wardley maps. At Henko we are working with the next generation in support of true Business agility.

This half-talk / half-workshop was presented at the conference on the 22nd of March 2019.

This talk aimed to introduce the audience to the purpose and principles of Mapping and then attempt to map the state of Agile as a live experiment.

Doing such an experiment proved useful and generated a lot of engaging conversations. Mapping is best done by doing. Most importantly, maps are wrong (Simon Wardley says so himself) and the value is in the strategic conversation that it generates. So, this was a very useful engagement.

But attempting to map such a broad subject in 20 minutes proved challenging. A variation to this talk will be given in April and we will contain the approach a little more.

Please watch this space for Wardley map bootcamps in parallel to the Flow System(TM) training. Please register your interest via the contact us form, if you would like to join initial cohorts.

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