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Henko's System for Continuous Change

EVERYBODY needs Change!!

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Large & Mid-size Organisations

With digital and globalisation, never has the business landscape been so challenging. Large businesses need to reinvent themselves to stay relevant continually.

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Startups &


The biggest advantage of any startup is its agility to adapt. But only if the operating model is designed that way! Build the right foundations to grow your business from the start! 

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Leaders, Coaches and Practitioners

With the speed of Change and longer work lives, leaders, coaches, and practitioners must continually cultivate new skills or risk obsolescence much earlier than retirement age!

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"If Change is difficult, make it continuous and accessible to all"

How do people change?

How do People Change (Meaning, Spirit, Talent)

How do organisations change?

For effective Change, organisations need to continually and harmoniously balance meaningful application (through practice), motivation (from social experience) and talent development (with training).   
Henko's complete System for Change
Henko's System for Change is an integrated platform:
ChangeHub: Design coherent and incremental change initiatives
Meaningful: Facilitated practice and coaching of leaders & teams
Spirited: Social circles to reflect and share experiences and expertise
Talented: New training in cohort style to match the pace of learning and adoption
Picture of the Head Coach Philippe Guenet

Let's talk about your Change needs!

Let's have a conversation and see how you can benefit from our flexible options under the System for Continuous Change. 

Working with the four dimensions of alignment in organisations


Make Strategy a Continuous Collaboration

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