Making decisions in uncertainty - a practical introduction to Cynefin

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Panoramic of the room
A great workshop with Dean Latchana, learning through practice about Cynefin

Thank you to those who made it to our meetup on Monday the 1st of July - Making decisions in uncertainty - a practical introduction to Cynefin, and thank you to Dean for sharing with us a great approach to learn through practice.

Please see more from Dean at :

We started with an exercise called the 4-point exercise, using some Accident and Emergency scenarios. This helped introducing the difficulty of assessing the context to make the right decisions.

Room working out the A&E scenarios

Dean then walked us through the Cynefin framework and its 5 Domains: Disorder, Obvious, Complicated and Complex.

As we went along we captured some scenarios from IT situations that the audience would have experienced. Interesting how many actually fit the Complex domain, yet we often tend to go about them analysing the perfect solution. This explains why large programmes of work often find themselves challenged. Interestingly, we could not place "Agile transformation" elsewhere than Disorder.

After positioning those we looked at some of the dynamics between the domains and took a few contributions as example.

Please see the deck of the presentation at:

Sorry that there will not be a video of the workshop as it was very interactive, which is difficult to film.