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Facilitation of in-house Guilds

Professional services:

Facilitation of in-house Guilds

Service type:

Leadership & Team Coaching, Operational Excellence, Flow Alignment


1-year programme of facilitating your in-house Guilds with regular meetup events


Yearly price based on number of events and internal vs external reliance. Please enquire


Large and Mid-Size Organisations

Details of the service:

Digital and software engineering are about Knowledge Work. Knowledge work is when the whole value chain of management and workers is effectively made of white collars. 

A characteristic of knowledge work is relying upon and developing the competencies of all the people doing the work so they can apply relevant judgement and build autonomy. 

Everybody recognises the benefit of stimulating knowledge and competencies through peer-sharing using Guilds or Centres of Excellence. 

However, running such Guilds with consistency and creativity is often hit-and-miss because it is left to the best endeavours of some coach or engineer who also has a day job to get on with. When delivery pressure hits, the Guild goes quiet. 

We offer to manage those Guilds on your behalf. We co-design a programme with you and organise the run of events on your behalf. We coordinate with in-house speakers and can also plan a run of externally sourced speakers amongst our network. We have run a meetup group with over 6,000 members, so we have the capabilities and connections to help your communities thrive.

Training programmes that support this service: 

Applied Flow Fundamentals

This course is a foundation course for organisations and practitioners looking to recalibrate and re-energise digital and agile transformation initiatives by applying Flow thinking.

Agile Effectiveness

This course is a must for Agile practitioners and Leaders and revisits all the Agile practices with a focus on stimulating performance, collaboration and genuine agility

Leadership of Operational Excellence

This course develops the foundational practices of Operational Excellence and its leadership

Digital Thinking Curriculum

This course is an entry level course visiting the essential elements of digital change. It complements admirably hands-on tech training, familiarising people to work in team, understanding the Agile SDLC, doing quality, etc.

Digital Leadership Network

We are the founding partner of the Digital Leadership Network. 

Agile Business Consortium

We work with the Agile Business Consortium for Business Agility.

Tools and practices used in this service: 

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