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In-house Leadership Training Cohorts

Professional services:

In-house Leadership Training Cohorts

Service type:

Flow Alignment, Leadership & Team Coaching, Operational Excellence, Continuous Strategy


In-house training & mentoring programmes (cohort style or accelerated)


Price guide - c. £25,000 per cohort of x15 people + one-to-one support. Please enquire


Large and Mid-Size Organisations, Startups

Details of the service:

The Challenge:

After over a decade of transformation efforts, you probably do not want further training. And progress can happen from coaching and local advisory. However, for people to reframe their viewpoint on the situation, it is essential to give them another referential framework to see the situation. 

Expected Outcomes: 

  • Reframe the perception of the situation with a Flow perspective and visiting perspectives of leadership, systemic collaboration, organisation alignment, operational excellence and strategy, 

  • Build foundational and composite knowledge of the multiple dimensions of Flow to appreciate how the various aspects are connected and need to be progressed together,

  • Join the learning as a collective experience to develop a joint understanding and a common language, 

  • Evolve a collective change at the system level, with everyone proactively connecting and progressing synchronously. 

Our Differentiated Approach:

We offer new-generation training with the relevant considerations to take you to the next level in your change: 

  • We provide training in Applied Flow inspired by the Flow System. The Flow System is one of the most advanced Flow Thinking offering that combines many essential considerations from the Toyota Production System, brought into the age of Complexity and Agility, 

  • We offer new Leadership programmes developing the perspective of Systemic Leadership applied to leadership in relationship with the system and facilitating the collaborative relationship of teams, across teams and the whole organisation, 

  • We offer advanced learning in organisation design with elements of Agendashift, Viable System Model and Team Topologies and our expertise in pivoting organisations to value streams, 

  • We are a specialist in Strategy and specifically in new ways of Strategy for agility. We are also global specialists in a new technique called Wardley Maps, which we have taught on O'Reilly. 

Our Flow fundamentals combine all those elements at a high level, and we can also offer deep dives in each area. 

Service Format:

We offer flexible approaches to our training. When possible, we run them as a continuous cohort from 3 to 6 months, allowing them to take more time over the materials and giving them a chance to try and discuss the application of the learning from mentoring calls. 

Of course, when a longer-running cohort is challenging to accommodate in the diaries, we can also offer the training in an accelerated format over a few days and then run themed reflection circles for application. 

Training programmes that support this service: 

Applied Flow Fundamentals

This course is a foundation course for organisations and practitioners looking to recalibrate and re-energise digital and agile transformation initiatives by applying Flow thinking.

Leadership of collaborative organisation systems

This course brings together all the latest thinking and practices in terms of new Systemic Leadership. It is designed to be modular and flex to your needs.

Agile Effectiveness

This course is a must for Agile practitioners and Leaders and revisits all the Agile practices with a focus on stimulating performance, collaboration and genuine agility

Digital Thinking Curriculum

This course is an entry level course visiting the essential elements of digital change. It complements admirably hands-on tech training, familiarising people to work in team, understanding the Agile SDLC, doing quality, etc.

Leadership of Operational Excellence

This course develops the foundational practices of Operational Excellence and its leadership

Strategy Mapping Fundamentals (Wardley Maps)

This course is an accelerated course to get you to use Wardley Maps in your Strategy

The Flow System

We are qualified with the Flow System and it is core to all our offerings.

Lean IT Kaizen

We offer unique Kaizen training and facilitation in the space of Service and Digital Tech business. 

ORSC (Organisation and System Relationship Coaching)

We are certified for Systems Relationship Coaching (ORSC) with CRR Global. 

Agile Business Consortium

We work with the Agile Business Consortium for Business Agility.

Wardley Maps

We use Wardley Maps for identifying value chains in organisation redesign as well as for strategy elaboration. 

Team Topologies

We use the concepts of Team Topologies to support collaborative workshops on team realignment and organisation design. 

Cynefin (Complexity and Sense-Making)

We apply Complexity Thinking, complex facilitation and SenseMaker in our leadership development programmes and coaching programmes. 

Five Dysfunctions of a Team

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team is an excellent resource that we use in our leadership training. 

Tools and practices used in this service: 

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